It's fair to say that ongoing Marvel TV series Loki has included some moments that will have fairly major repercussions for the MCU going forward, and episode five contains perhaps the biggest revelation so far.


Fans of the movies will know Loki died during the events of Avengers: Infinity War, when he was killed by Thanos after he attempted to stab him, but the new episode reveals he may have survived after all.

In the penultimate instalment of Loki, Richard E Grant's 'classic Loki' has a conversation with Tom Hiddleston's Loki in which he is asked how he managed to live past the character's death.

"We’re supposed to die, right?" he's asked. "Thanos kills us after Ragnarok.”

Classic Loki responds, “Thanos. In my timeline, everything proceeded correctly my entire life, until Thanos attacked our ship.”

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Hiddleston's Loki then asks, "So you didn’t try to stab him?” before Grant responds, "Tchah, certainly not. Take no offence, my friends, but blades are worthless in the face of a Loki’s sorcery. They stunt our magical potential."

He later adds, “I cast a projection of myself so real even the Mad Titan believed it. Then hid as inanimate debris. After I faked my death I merely drifted in space. Away from Thor, away from everything.

“Thought about the universe and my place in it, and it occurred to me that everywhere I went, only pain followed.

“So I removed myself from the equation, landed on a remote planet and stayed there in isolation, in solitude for a long, long time.”

He goes on to explain that he eventually became lonely and sought out Thor – which is when he got snapped up by the TVA.

Some viewers reckon that this could be nothing more than a fun nod to theories fans had at the time of Infinity War, while others have suggested that the 'real' Loki could have followed the same path Classic Loki has described – meaning that he is still alive and well.

It remains to be seen exactly what this revelation means for the future of Hiddleston's version of Loki, but one thing is for sure: it's given fans yet another thing to theorise about.

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