*Warning: this article contains full spoilers for Black Mirror season 6 episode 4, Mazey Day.*


The hotly-anticipated sixth season of Black Mirror is here, once again warning viewers of the dangers of technology with the new batch of episodes.

However, the fourth episode, entitled Mazey Day, deviates from this formula, offering a tale of horror starring Zazie Beetz.

Set in the early 2000s, this Black Mirror episode follows Bo (Beetz), a member of the paparazzi who, struggling to make ends meet, accepts a job to find and photograph the troubled actor, Mazey Day (Clara Rugaard).

However, disaster strikes when she uncovers Day’s secret, leading viewers into the realm of monsters and supernatural horror.

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If you've seen the episode and been left stunned by that massive werewolf twist, read on for everything you need to know about the ending of Mazey Day.

Mazey Day Black Mirror ending explained

Zazie Beetz in Mazey Day
Zazie Beetz in Mazey Day Netflix

Bo sets out to capture Mazey’s snaps, but what she doesn't know is that Mazey, while on drugs, recently had a car accident - hitting a pedestrian and driving off, panicked. Mazey subsequently hides away from public life, ridden with guilt and flashbacks to that night.

Mazey engages a celebrity doctor, who decides to take her to a renowned rehab clinic and books the whole place out so that Mazey can have privacy. Little do they know that Bo is on their tail.

With Mazey hidden away at the retreat, Bo and her friend Hector arrive on the outskirts of the perimeter. They are soon joined by Whitty and Duke, two far more sadistic paparazzi who have put a tracker under Hector's bike.

They manage to tunnel under the fence and break into a room where Mazey is being kept with a chain around her neck. While Hector, Whitty and Duke just continue to take photos, Bo attempts to free her, managing to remove her chains.

Then, at that moment, the moon shines overhead. It's clear that something's off. That's right - Mazey is a werewolf!

A horrific killing spree ensues as Mazey transforms, killing Whitty immediately and getting Duke as he tries to get under the fence. Hector steals Duke's camera instead of saving him.

Hector and Bo ride off together to a diner they previously visited and try to warn a policeman and everyone else in the diner of Mazey, who eventually breaks in - killing everyone except for Bo, including Hector.

Why did Mazey Day became a werewolf in Black Mirror season 6?

A flashback shows that the man Mazey hit was in fact a werewolf, and when she got out the car to check on him, the wolf bit her.

Presumably, the wolf transferred the supernatural condition to her before transforming back into a man when he died.

What happens to Bo and Mazey at the end of Mazey Day?

Clara Rugaard as Mazey in Black Mirror
Clara Rugaard as Mazey in Black Mirror Nick Wall/Netflix

Following the bloodbath at the diner, Bo manages to get hold of the cop's gun, and uses it to shoot Mazey, transforming her back into a human. As she lies on the floor, bloody and probably dying, she asks Bo to shoot her and end it.

Bo doesn't do so, and instead hands the gun to Mazey, allowing her to turn the gun on herself.

Mazey does so, and as she lifts the gun to her own head, Bo lifts up her camera, ready to take the shot of a bloody, naked Mazey, shooting herself in the head. Yikes...

Well, Charlie Brooker did promise horror this season. But it certainly doesn't seem likely that many viewers saw this twist coming!

What is the technology in Mazey Day?

When it comes to technology, Mazey Day veers closest to episodes such as The National Anthem or Smithereens - in that all of the tech involved is perfectly real.

There are no VR devices or memory-storing contact lenses. Instead, this is a story very specifically centred around cameras and the role of the paparazzi, particularly in the early 2000s.

As Charlie Brooker himself said: "the story is set before everyone has a camera in their phone, and there is a crueller attitude towards people in the public eye."

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Black Mirror's Salma Hayek on Radio Times magazine cover.

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