At long, long last, Black Mirror season 6 is finally upon us.


The latest instalment of Charlie Brooker's Netflix anthology series differs slightly from previous seasons, with more of the stories taking place in the past and heading into horror territory.

An epic cast has been assembled to tell the tales in season 6, which consists of five episodes - Joan is Awful, Loch Henry, Beyond the Sea, Mazey Day and Demon 79 - with the likes of Salma Hayek Pinault, Aaron Paul and Paapa Essiedu appearing on screen, to name just a few.

While we wait for more news on a potential season 7, read on for everything you need to know about Black Mirror season 6!

Also, why not catch up on the best episodes of the show? Or refresh yourself on how to watch the series in chronological order?

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Black Mirror season 6 release date

Black Mirror season 6 was released in one go on Netflix on Thursday 15th June 2023.

Announcing the exciting news of the June release, Brooker said at the time: "I've always felt that Black Mirror should feature stories that are entirely distinct from one another, and keep surprising people – and myself – or else what's the point? It should be a series that can't be easily defined, and can keep reinventing itself."

"Partly as a challenge, and partly to keep things fresh for both me and the viewer, I began this season by deliberately upending some of my own core assumptions about what to expect."

Black Mirror season 6 release time UK: When is it out on Netflix?

Season 6 premiered on Netflix on Thursday 15th June at 8am BST, meaning it is available now for UK fans to stream.

How many episodes will there be in Black Mirror season 6?

Aaron Paul in Black Mirror season 6 wearing an orange jumpsuit
Aaron Paul in Black Mirror season 6 Nick Wall/Netflix

Unlike previous six-episode seasons, Black Mirror season 6 consisted of five episodes.

The story titles and synopses are terrifying as usual. Here's how Netflix describes each ep.

  • Joan Is Awful: "An average woman is stunned to discover a global streaming platform has launched a prestige TV drama adaptation of her life — in which she is portrayed by Hollywood A-lister Salma Hayek Pinault."
  • Loch Henry: "A young couple travel to a sleepy Scottish town to start work on a genteel nature documentary, but find themselves drawn to a juicy local story involving shocking events of the past."
  • Beyond the Sea: "In an alternative 1969, two men on a perilous high-tech mission wrestle with the consequences of an unimaginable tragedy."
  • Mazey Day: "A troubled starlet is dogged by invasive paparazzi while dealing with the consequences of a hit-and-run incident."
  • Demon 79: "Northern England, 1979. A meek sales assistant is told she must commit terrible acts to prevent disaster."

Who will star in Black Mirror season 6?

The cast of Black Mirror season 6 is as follows.

  • Aaron Paul
  • Anjana Vasan
  • Annie Murphy
  • Auden Thornton
  • Ben Barnes
  • Clara Rugaard
  • Daniel Portman
  • Danny Ramirez
  • David Shields
  • Himesh Patel
  • John Hannah
  • Josh Hartnett
  • Kate Mara
  • Michael Cera
  • Monica Dolan
  • Myha’la Herrold
  • Paapa Essiedu
  • Rob Delaney
  • Rory Culkin
  • Salma Hayek Pinault
  • Samuel Blenkin
  • Zazie Beetz

The story synopses gave some clue as to who our cast play, with Hayek appearing as a version of herself. She stars alongside Annie Murphy and Michael Cera in Joan Is Awful.

Aaron Paul stars alongside Josh Hartnett and Kate Mara in Beyond the Sea, while Zazie Beetz and Clara Rugaard star in Mazey Day. Loch Henry is led by Myha’la Herrold and Samuel Blenkin, while Paapa Essiedu and Anjana Vasan star in Demon 79.

Black Mirror season 6 trailer

The dramatic trailer for season 6 of Black Mirror was released before the new episodes dropped. In it, we get a better look at the characters this season and are also introduced to the ominous Red Mirror label which presents Demon 79.

Watch it below!

There was also a teaser released that doesn't give anything away about what to expect from the season but is exciting nonetheless. You can watch that on YouTube.

Black Mirror season 6 was made available to stream on Netflix on Thursday 15th June 2023.

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