As Good Omens season 2 nears, star Maggie Service has given a fairly ominous teaser about what to expect from the upcoming episodes, which will see Michael Sheen's Aziraphale and David Tennant's Crowley return.


Speaking about how the season ends, returning star Service, who plays a new character called Maggie, told “Where we end, I think, is so beautifully written because none of it’s tied up in a bow, none of it’s Hollywood magic. It’s real within fantasy - and what is going to happen next?"

She added of the season as a whole: "Neil Gaiman actually said that this season is gentle and romantic. It’s totally the same tone but a different pace and we get to spend more time with characters and get to really properly know them. They, I think, get to know a little bit more about themselves because of the way others interact with them as well.”

Service went on: "I guess season 1 we end off with Aziraphale and Crowley not affiliated with Heaven and Hell anymore, so we see them in a much more human dynamic, in a much more day-to-day life. Delightful Maggie, she has the record shop next to Mr Fell's bookshop. It's a shop that's been passed down through the generations...

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"When we meet her at the beginning, she's really sure of her emotions and she's really sure of what she wants. But I think it's fair to say she has no idea how to get it. And, without doing too many spoilers, with her openness of emotions and possibly slightly oversharing with Mr Fell - who she thinks is the kindest man in the whole wide world - the fact that she's done that leads to a bit of entanglement of worlds and stories and mystery and misdirection and all sorts of epic adventures!"

Tennant recently told SFX of season 2: "What’s different in season 2 is, because of what happened at the end of season 1, they no longer have head offices that they have to report to.

Maggie Service as Maggie in Good Omens season 2
Maggie Service as Maggie in Good Omens season 2. Amazon Studios

"They are in a very different position. Whereas before they were trying to get away with things, now they are kind of free agents."

Sheen continued: "Although sort of fugitives as well. They are sort of in-between. But this amazing life they have created over a millennia, they are now able to enjoy in a slightly different way.

"They are not having to put on a front for their respective teams. There is a different kind of freedom.

"They have always been the only two beings who could understand each other’s position. Now they are pushed even closer together."

Good Omens season 2 is coming to Prime Video on Friday 28th July 2023. Check out more of our Fantasy coverage or visit our TV Guide and Streaming Guide to find out what's on.


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