Who is Chief Jim Hopper in Stranger Things 2?

David Harbour stars as the grizzled detective

Stranger Things Hopper

Stranger Things 2 character guide: Who is Chief Jim Hopper?

Hawkins’ grizzled yet sympathetic chief of police, who was thrust into action when Will Byers mysteriously disappeared at the beginning of season one. His investigation led him – and Joyce Byers – to a disturbing government-led initiative which opened up a portal to another dimension known as the Upside Down.


In season one it was revealed that Hopper’s daughter Sara passed away from cancer at a young age, and his marriage broke down as a result of this.

Who plays Chief Jim Hopper in Stranger Things?

David Harbour, an American actor best known for his roles in Quantum of Solace, Suicide Squad and gangster epic Black Mass, alongside Johnny Depp.

In January, an impassioned speech the actor made at the Screen Actors Guild Awards in the wake of Donald Trump’s inauguration as US president went viral, though his words were overshadowed by Winona Ryder’s bizarre array of facial expressions. Check it out below.

He is currently signed on to star in the upcoming Hellboy remake as the titular demonic superhero.

What happened to Hopper at the end of Stranger Things season 1?

Hopper made a mysterious deal with the government forces behind Dr Brenner’s lab, in which he gave up Eleven’s location to save Will from the Upside Down. However, when the agents arrived at the school, Eleven was battling the Demogorgon. She disappeared into thin air upon vanquishing the beast.

As Hopper left the hospital where Will was recovering, a government agent pulled up and ushered him into a car, and he was driven off to an unknown location. Then, a month later, after leaving a Christmas party, he returned to the woods and placed some Eggo waffles in a mysterious box, presumably for Eleven.

Meet the cast of Stranger Things 2

Eleven – Millie Bobby Brown

Mike Wheeler – Finn Wolfhard

Will Byers – Noah Schnapp

Dustin Henderson – Gaten Matarazzo

Lucas Sinclair – Caleb McLaughlin

Chief Jim Hopper – David Harbour

Joyce Byers – Winona Ryder

Jonathan Byers – Charlie Heaton

Nancy Wheeler – Natalia Dyer

Steve Harrington – Joe Keery

New for Stranger Things 2…

Max – Sadie Sink

Bob Newby – Sean Astin

Billy – Dacre Montgomery


Roman – Linnea Berthelsen