The Circle is back for its second run, and already the catfishing social media gameshow has upped the ante for the new series.


As well as introducing eight brand new contestants to try their luck at winning £100,000, the new series has thrown in the Alan Partridge-esque Richard Madeley as an “agent of mischief” in the social network.

The Circle host Emma Willis revealed on Tuesday’s live launch show that viewers at home had the power to choose which profile the 63-year-old journalist would embody while he’s on the show.

And while 44% said he should play 22-year-old 'Richard', 56% pumped for him to become ‘Judy’, a 27-year-old woman (who also happens to share the name of his real-life wife).

"You so-and-sos," Richard laughed when he heard the news.

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"Just a little technical difference in gender! Okay, I've got to be a 27-year-old woman."

Only time will tell whether he can pull it off.

Meanwhile, only be two days into the new series, we’ve already seen one shock blocking on The Circle.

Model Emelle was the first contestant to be forced to leave the game show after being blocked by Tim and ‘Sammie’, a single mother who is actually played by James.

And things only got stranger for Emelle, who elected to meet Sammie/James before she exited her London apartment.

Gobsmacked by the big reveal, Emelle admitted, “I definitely didn’t expect you to be a boy,” before warning him that Tim should be the next to leave.


The Circle continues weeknights at 10pm on Channel 4