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Meet James - The Circle series 2 player who will play as a single mother

James says he is doing it for his family

The Circle - James
Channel 4
Published: Tuesday, 24th September 2019 at 10:27 am

The Circle is back for another round, with the social media (un)reality show garnering a cult following thanks to the antics of its catfishing contestants and overall dystopian feel.


This time, eight new contestants will be entering the game for an even longer period, trying to be named the most influential person in The Circle in a bid to win the £100,000 prize fund.

Here's all you need to know about James, the recruitment consultant who will enter the reality show pretending to be a single mother...

Who is James?

The family man believes his skills in communication will give him an advantage in The Circle - and will be playing as young single mum "Sammie" to get sympathy from other players.

Why is James entering the circle?


James's main priority is to provide for his family. Having been brought up by a single mother himself, he wants to open a refuge for women and children.

"I have enormous admiration for single mums," said James, "I have nothing but respect for the her or anybody else in that position, to be honest, single mums give up everything for their children which is why I chose to present as Sammie in The Circle."

He also thought The Circle was the "perfect" show for him to make sure his family don't go without.

"I watched it last year thinking the concept was unbelievable," he said. "I liked the thought of being on TV but in my day to day life I always like to find common ground with people, and I think I could use those skills in The Circle."

What is James' game plan in The Circle?

James intends to get the top prize by making contestants "feel special."

"If there is an older woman in there tell her she's exactly like my mum, say it's so nice to have her in there," explains James, "Make people feel warm."

James also believes his single mum persona will get him the sympathy vote straight to the final, as he will let players know just how much winning The Circle would mean to "Sammie" and her son.

What's James' plan for the prize money?

James wants to put a deposit on his house, do a bit of travelling and treat his family. But he has one important plan first.

"One thing I would definitely 100 per cent do, and I mean this from the absolute bottom of my heart, is set up a hostel for women and children who need to put a roof over their heads," he said.

Age: 26

Occupation: Recruitment consultant

From: Liverpool

Relationship Status: In a relationship

Playing As: “Sammie”, a single mother


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