Tre Lowe's time on The Apprentice came to an end in tonight's episode as Lord Sugar made the decision to take Phil Turner and Rachel Woolford into the final.


In the penultimate episode, the five remaining candidates went head-to-head with Lord Sugar's most truster advisors in a series of one-to-one interviews and had their business plans interrogated and CVs picked apart, and ultimately for Tre, his time in the competition was over.

In an exclusive interview with, Tre opened up about what he wanted to get out of The Apprentice and his main aim for taking part in the reality series.

"After losing my brother, I know that men are particularly vulnerable," he explained.

Viewers saw Tre get emotional during the interview with Claudine Collins, in which he opened up about his late brother, who Collins noted would have been so proud.

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Foluso, Rachel, Steve and Tre all sat around a table smiling and writing things down.
Foluso, Rachel, Steve and Tre in The Apprentice. FremantleMedia Ltd

Tre continued: "The way my brother passed away was through COVID, he wouldn't have known it at the time because it was in January when he first got ill.

"There is something about the way a lot of men behave when it comes to wellness. They're very blasé about it and not as serious as they could be, and that was one of the reasons why I wanted a product to be aimed at men."

Tre added that the opportunity to be able to speak about a lot of issues affecting men, himself included, was "incredible". He noted that men showing their vulnerable side on national TV isn't regularly seen, and by taking part on The Apprentice he was able to demonstrate what it was like to be "authentic and a model" of what he teaches as a coach and mentor.

He explained: "Talking about my own issues, things like Crohn's disease, which I was diagnosed with and beat a couple of years ago, was incredible, but also to talk about things like the grief of losing my brother and as a man to be able to express myself on national TV, I think there's a lot of things that men don't do.

"And I really wanted to demonstrate, especially with some of the more toxic elements of masculinity that we see, I wanted to demonstrate what it was like, as an older guy, as a middle aged guy, to be on a show like that, to be authentic and be myself and really be a model of what I personally teach others as a coach and mentor, that it's possible to go into a process like this with the scrutiny of the nation, and still hold yourself up and still do really well."

Tre found himself on the winning team multiple times in the series, including breaking a record with the biggest winning sale ever in the history of the competition.

During the Formula-E task, Tre and his team managed to secure a huge £38.7 million in sponsorship, smashing the previous record of £1.2 million.

Reflecting on his time on The Apprentice, Tre told that he is "proud" of how he has held himself throughout the competition.

Raj, Foluso, Rachael, Tre, Steve and Noor all smilling and toasting with their glasses
Raj, Foluso, Rachael, Tre, Steve and Noor in The Apprentice. FremantleMedia Ltd

He said: "I think the one thing I'm proud of is the ability to really go for a win. I wasn't someone that was able to survive on being in a boardroom, I was never once brought into the boardroom and that was just through sheer determination of performance.

"I think I gave it my all. So overall, I'm glad that those qualities and those values have been showcased and I think for me, that's a victory in and of itself."

The Apprentice 2024 final airs on Thursday 18th March at 9pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.


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