The Apprentice continues tonight, with the remaining candidates launching a new Formula-E team before pitching for sponsorship.


Now it seems, at least for one team, this will be to great success, as it has been revealed ahead of time that the winners will be seen recording the biggest winning sale in all 18 seasons of the show.

Throughout the episode, it has been teased that "multi-million pound negotiations are put in jeopardy when disastrous car designs are unveiled and questionable branding is revealed".

Despite this, one of the teams manages to secure a huge victory, shattering the previous record of £1.2 million secured in the Electric Bikes task in season 15.

The exact sponsorship secured in tonight's episode has not yet been announced, but it has been revealed that it is valued at "tens of millions of pounds".

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An overhead shot of two formula E cars, with Karren and Tim stood behind them. The candidates are stood in front, looking on as Lord Sugar walks into shot
The Apprentice. BBC/Fremantle

Baroness Karren Brady said that Lord Sugar couldn’t help but be impressed by the performance, explaining: "[He was] thrilled.

"He couldn't believe it when he saw the number. He was like, 'Are you sure? Has someone made a mistake? Can you double check it?' That figure in sponsorship is a huge amount!"

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Last week's episode of The Apprentice saw a shock double-firing, after Lord Sugar brought all of the candidates on the losing team back into the boardroom after their failure in the discount buying task.

One of the fired candidates was recruitment consultant Jack Davies, who spoke with about where it all went wrong.

He said: "I just think it came down to our team didn't negotiate as well as the other team and they out-negotiated us.

"So that's why we failed and I think that's why they brought everyone back in, because anyone in that team could have been fired, and everyone had some level of responsibility."

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