The My Mum, Your Dad house is filling up, with more new arrivals on the way.


On Thursday night's episode (14th Setepmber), the current cast of mums and dads and their spying children will be joined by not one but two new single parents and their kids.

Design consultant/journalist Tolullah, 50, is one of those parents.

She was nominated by her daughter to take part in the new dating show hosted by Davina McCall. Georgia, 29, felt her mother could do with some help when it comes to picking the right man.

"She [Georgia-Blu] felt it’d be really good for me to meet someone that somebody else has picked, as opposed to my own choices. I’ve just turned 50 so she felt this was a good time and an important stage in my life where she could take that control out of my hands and let someone else try," Tolullah said ahead of her debut.

So, who exactly is Tolullah? And what is she looking for in a partner?

Read on for everything you need to know about My Mum, Your Dad star Tolullah and her daughter Georgia-Blu.

Who is Tolullah in My Mum, Your Dad?

Tolullah on My Mum, Your Dad
Tolullah on My Mum, Your Dad. Lifted Entertainment

Age: 50

Location: London

Job: Design consultant / Journalist

Tolullah is a design consultant/journalist from London. She was brought onto the show by her 29-year-old daughter Georgia-Blu.

She describes herself as: "A vivacious and warm person. I'm also fiercely loyal and passionate about the people I love."

In terms of what she's looking forward to on the ITV1 dating show, she said: "I'm one of those people, even at the end of a relationship, I'm never sad. I find it really exciting not knowing what's around the corner. I'm a natural optimist who will always think that something great is happening, because in life good things have always been around the corner for me."

Asked what she's nervous about, she added: "I'm quite straightforward and blunt. I will always say how I feel. I am worried that my bluntness and my straightforwardness wouldn't necessarily be appreciated by everyone, or come across in the right way."

Who is Georgia-Blu in My Mum, Your Dad?

Georgia-Blu on My Mum, Your Dad
Georgia-Blu on My Mum, Your Dad. Lifted Entertainment

Age: 28

Location: London

Job: Chartered accountant

Georgia-Blu is a 28-year-old chartered accountant, and the daughter of Tolullah, 50.

She nominated her mother for the show with the hope that she'd find someone who she can enjoy a long-lasting relationship with.

"I think my mum is such a good catch. Growing up, I've never really seen her in a really long settled relationship and that's something I've always wanted for her. I nominated her so she would get a chance to meet someone who she can settle down with, she really deserves it," she said.

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Speaking of her mother's dating history, Georgia admitted that her mother has been "unlucky in love" in the past, adding: "My mum is probably the luckiest, unlucky person in love. She’s always dating and she dates really eligible people, she’s quite good at seeking out a pretty decent guy. But she’s unlucky in that it’s not quite been right and circumstances have meant it hasn’t worked. "

My Mum, Your Dad airs Monday to Friday at 9pm on ITV1 and ITVX. The series will run on consecutive weeknights for two weeks.

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