It's been a wild ride in Chelsea recently, with surprise romantic connections, fiery arguments and friendship break-ups galore.


But there's also one major event coming in the Made in Chelsea calendar: Maeva and James's wedding.

The pair have been planning their impending nuptials, which has been the talk of everyone in the group, not least because Maeva has disinvited Sam Prince to her wedding on account of his previous behaviour.

Well, it looks as though things are set to get a whole lot more difficult for Maeva as she now has to reckon with a forgiving James who now wants Sam at his wedding.

In an exclusive clip to of the next episode of Made in Chelsea, it looks as though the couple are set to reach a major disagreement over whether or not they will be inviting Sam to their wedding after all.

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In the clip (above), James and Maeva are enjoying a date night together and discussing their impending wedding. Jokes about the vows aside, Maeva admits that James giving their son Beau to Sam was a "big no no". "Really?" James replies, confused at the problem.

"Sam's like an idiot, you know. He's not really a guy that I want my baby to be with," Maeve tells James.

But James is quick to go to Sam's defence, saying that he isn't an idiot and did quite well. "If you give him responsibility, he actually takes it on board ... I was quite impressed," James says. "I think Sam showing that he wants to apologise for his actions is growth."

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As James admits to Maeva that he thinks Sam has shown some growth after previous situations, he tells Maeva that he envisions Sam sitting at the wedding on his side with his family and other friends.

James jokes and says they could bring Sam in as a waiter but then puts his foot down and tells Maeva that he's "putting his foot down" and is going to invite him. But will Maeva accept this or will she also put her foot down?

It's been a rollercoaster of a time for Sam recently, with his budding romance with Yas then eventual break-up and rumours continuing to circulate about him and Inga. In the midst of that, though, Sam found the time to spread rumours about Liv and Temps, putting their new romance on the rocks before it's even properly started.

Next week's episode will see Sam take on a role of responsibility and, as James describes in the clip, look after his son Beau.

Maeva had previously disinvited Sam from her wedding due to his behaviour when breaking up with Inga and moving on with Yas, with the decision making waves among viewers who were divided over the topic of taking back someone's wedding invite.

With Maeva not being a fan of Sam's at all, will he manage to win her round in time to secure back his invite to the wedding?

While things remain on the rocks for Sam right now, he's been spotted with Temps and Yas filming in Australia for their December spin-off series.

As for whether this means that he's going to be sitting on James's side in his wedding? We'll just have to wait and see.

Made in Chelsea season 26 continues on Monday 27th November on E4 at 10pm. Check out more of our Entertainment coverage or visit our TV Guide and Streaming Guide to find out what's on.


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