Sam Prince and David 'Temps' Templer are set for a fiery clash on next week's Made in Chelsea, as the pair argue about a conversation Prince had with Temps's girlfriend, Olivia Bentley.


In an exclusive clip shared with ahead of Monday's episode, Temps and Sam heave a heated argument as they sit to talk about a private conversation that, from Temps's perspective, has been shared among the group.

In the clip (above), Temps approaches Sam and says: "I want to hear about the conversation Liv's had with you that you so kindly told Maeva [D'Ascanio] about and it's got back to me."

Sam responds: "The last conversation I had with her was before you went to Ibiza, she was thinking about calling it off with you because I think she sees you as more of a mate and I said to her, 'You guys clearly have a great friendship but why jump into something romantic?' Because I've always had time for you, always cared.

"Always. I've always said to everyone, 'Temps is a sound bloke.' I want her to be happy and when she's expressing doubt to me and other people, that's when I'm going to get involved."

Olivia Bentley on Made in Chelsea wearing a blue shirt
Olivia Bentley on Made in Chelsea. Channel 4

While the conversation initially starts off calmly, Temps becomes more frustrated and calls Sam a "snake".

"You're one thing to my face and then you're calling me a back-up dancer behind my back," he says. Temps continues and tells Sam that "everything" about him is "calculated".

"If you had anything about you, you'd realise Olivia had got your back. Even if she confided in you as a friend, why the f**k would you take it upon yourself to go and tell Maeva? Have that conversation with Liv. Liv and I are f**king adults, Sam. You might get there one day.

"I know there's a lot on the line. I don't need little t**ts like you going around and changing the narrative in order to benefit you in some way. I've got something very real with Olivia."

While it seems Olivia and Temps are on the rocks in season 26 of Made in Chelsea, from the looks of their social media, things appear to be going well between the two.

The cast of the E4 show are out filming in Australia, and Temps and Olivia have been seen on each other's Instagram stories.

As for Temps and Sam's friendship? Only time will tell.

Made in Chelsea season 26 continues on Monday 20th November on E4 at 10pm. Check out more of our Entertainment coverage or visit our TV Guide and Streaming Guide to find out what's on.


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