There was a storm brewing on tonight's Made in Chelsea as James Taylor fumed over the revelation that he had been lied to by co-star Sam Prince about his relationship status with Yasmine Zweegers.


In the previous episode, a rumour spread across the SW3 cast members that Sam had supposedly cheated on Yas, but it appears that wasn't the case, as they were not together at the time Sam struck up a connection with someone else.

As the rumours got back to Sam and Yas, Yas shut it down and told Rez: "I get it's confusing but do you really think I'm gonna be standing here if Sam's cheating? I'm not a mug, I don't need to be with a man that's a cheater!"

While Yas and Rez made amends, that didn't stop people from talking about it. During a lunch with James, Maeva and Jack, Emily Blackwell asked the group if they had heard about "the Sam and Yas situation", to which none of them had.

She explained: "After your wedding, they all went out after the ceremony. They went out to a club [and] he woke up in another girl's bed. But apparently they weren't together."

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There were shocked faces all round and Maeva claimed that Sam and Yas were in fact together. She said: "They were together because I had a conversation with him and I said to him, 'Oh I'm sorry I didn't invite Yas' and he was like, 'Oh yeah we're together but it's fine'. So they were together!"

As a bemused James listened on, he said he would "deal" with Sam because he continues to go down a "path" that James doesn't want to keep on seeing.

Jack and James Taylor. They are both wearing tuxedos and have their hands in their pockets.
Jack and James Taylor pictured for Made in Chelsea. Rachel Joseph / Channel 4

Later on in the episode, Maeva and James met up with Sam and the tensions only continued.

"This is about you lying to me at our wedding. You said you were happy with Yas at that time, but really you were in bed with another girl," James said as he confronted Sam.

In a moment James wasn't expecting, Sam admitted he did lie and wasn't shy about hiding it. Sam explained: "I completely lied to you. I didn't want the frenzy of having to deal with an uncomfortable time with me and Yasmine.

"So that is why I wasn't fully honest about everything, because I did [think] down the line we'd probably sort it out. In those moments, I couldn't see longevity in our relationship, Yasmine wouldn't pick up the phone to me."

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As the pair went back and forth, James told Sam that he didn't recognise him and was still mildly annoyed that Sam let slip to Maeva about sex therapy.

Just as viewers were beginning to feel uncomfortable, Sam said what we were all thinking: "This is pretty awkward, I'll leave you guys to it."

The drama did not stop there, either! Towards the end of the episode, James, Sam and Yas all met up in an attempt to settle the disagreement, but things didn't go to plan.

"I just feel like you guys were very quick to judge me and what's going on in my life... I don't know how we move forward, we're in very different positions of our life," Sam told James, to which he retorted: "I've stood by you, when we both know I probably shouldn't [have]."

The pair didn't sort things, and it ended with the friends agreeing to take some time apart...

Made in Chelsea continues on E4 at 9:10pm on Monday 29th April.


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