It was a juicy episode on Love Island last night, as Catherine Agbaje and Zachariah Noble headed on their first date minutes after he stole her from André Furtado.


But things got even spicier the next day when new girl Whitney Adebayo made quite the entrance in the villa and asked to go on a date with Dre.

Missed Love Island last night?

Well fear not, has a video recap above, as well as a full debrief of episode 3.

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What happened on Love Island summer 2023 last night? Episode 3 recap

Episode 3 started with the Love Island summer 2023 contestants recovering from Zachariah's decision to steal Catherine from Dre. But, before Dre could talk to any of them, the new couple received a text telling them to go on their first date.

Up on the balcony, Catherine and Zachariah enjoyed a board of sweet treats and prosecco, at which point Zachariah gushed about picking her.

Once done, Zachariah pulled Dre for a chat and cleared the air. Catherine then had a chat with Dre, and it looked like all was put to bed.

Later that evening, George Fensom made his move on Ruchee, telling her that she always looked fit and that he'd like to get to know her.

The next day, Ruchee Gurung and Jess Harding chatted by the pool about their lack of connections in the villa. Ruchee advised Jess to tell Tyrique Hyde and Mitchel Taylor that she's interested in them. Tyrique then came over, so Ruchee left them to it as they flirted up a storm. Tyrique told her that she looked sexy today and was very pretty.

As the islanders were lounging in the garden, Dre received a text, saying that Whitney was waiting for him to go on a date.

He went off to get ready before meeting the 25-year-old wig shop owner at the beach.

The pair chatted and Dre admitted that he was "feeling" her, before they returning to the villa together.

While Dre talked to the boys, Whitney sat down with the girls. The boys asked Dre who was now his first choice, and he revealed that he only had eyes for Whitney now. And the feeling seemed mutual for Whitney, as she told the girls she enjoyed the date, however, wasn't sure about his age.

That evening, the islanders got dressed up for the night as usual, but Whitney had a bone to pick with Dre because he hadn't complimented her outfit.

Interrupting Dre and Ruchee's chat, she insisted that she speak to the 21-year-old business owner, prompting Ruchee to get up and leave.

Whitney told Dre that he needed to tell her that she looks nice, and while she was interested in getting to know him, she'd have to work out how she feels about him being younger than her.

Also that evening, Tyrique pulled Jess for a chat during which she admitted that she's attracted to him, but he thought they had just been flirting and bantering, saying he saw them as friends - in other words, she got friendzoned.

Following his chat with Jess, Tyrique went over to Ella, who praised him for setting the record straight with Jess, before sharing their first kiss outside of a challenge. And there were more first kisses in the villa, as Molly and Mitchel locked lips on the balcony.

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