Love Island’s Shaughna and Molly have epic showdown in first look

It’s about to go down!

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Love Island: SR6: Ep27 on ITV2

Pictured: Molly and Shaughna.

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You can cut the tension in the Love Island villa with a knife right now, following last night’s recoupling when Callum Jones brought back new girl Molly, leaving his former partner Shaughna Phillips single.


But no time like the present, with Molly and Shaughna set to come face-to-face for the first time since the recoupling, as they sit down for a serious chat.

In a teaser clip for tonight’s show, Shaughna receives a message.

“I’ve got a text,” she yells in the clip, before bursting out laughing.

Reading the message aloud to the other islanders, she continues: “Shaughna and Molly, it’s time to head out and talk things through. #Comparenotes.”

The camera then flashes to a slightly nervous Callum and worried Molly.

The conversation is likely to shake things up between the ladies, given Shaughna’s history with Callum and Molly’s very new relationship with the 23-year-old scaffolder.

Before leaving for Casa Amor, Callum was coupled up with Shaughna, who he seemed to be getting on well with.

However, just hours into meeting Molly, his head turned as he gushed to the other boys and called her a “rocket”.

By day three, Callum was ready to jump ship as he declared his feelings for Molly and they shared their first kiss outside of a challenge.

“I feel like when I came in here I didn’t think my head would turn. I did say it would take someone special for me to turn. And I do think that could potentially be you,” he told her.

Love Island's Callum and Molly (©ITV)
Love Island’s Callum and Molly (©ITV)

However, Shaughna couldn’t take her mind off Callum back in the Main Villa, telling the girls she missed him and planned on moving to Manchester where he’s from.

And judging by her reaction when he entered the villa with Molly, the girls’ conversation could get heated.

When Laura Whitmore asks if she has anything to say to her ex in the teaser, Shaughna replies: “Congrats hun” before running off in tears with Paige Turley.

“I am gobsmacked,” Paige says, to which she responds: “It’s literally like I don’t even know him.”

Molly then advises Callum to go after her, but when Shaughna sees him heading in her direction, she warns her pal: “If he thinks he’s coming to pull me that boy has got another thing coming!”

Will Shaughna and Molly be able to put their differences aside?


Love Island continues weeknights and Sundays at 9pm on ITV2.