While the weeks of Love Island have gone by, there's one week in particular that fans of the reality dating show know to anticipate in all its glory and that's Casa Amor.


The second villa has already been employed this season when (previously) new islanders Grace, Tiffany and Wil could select one islander to spend a night away from the main villa with.

While many thought that was as much Casa Amor action as we'd be getting this season, of course, the week of antics is upon us and it's all set to kick off tonight (Sunday 30th June).

The complete line-up of new Casa Amor islanders has now been confirmed, with some familiar faces from Ciaran and Joey's past set to make waves.

Last year's summer edition of the show saw the girls being whisked away by Ne-Yo to go to Casa Amor, with the boys remaining in the villa. As for which group will be leaving the main villa, we'll just have to tune in and see but something tells us that it's set to be quite the week of head turning.

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With that, here's everything you need to know about Casa Amor 2024.

Will Casa Amor return for Love Island series 11?

Jessy and Joey in Love Island sitting round the fireplace and looking forward with shocked expressions on their faces.
Jessy and Joey in Love Island. ITV

Yes! The week of Casa Amor will kick off on Sunday 30th June.

At the end of Friday's (28th June) episode, viewers were greeted with the all-too-familiar neon sign for Casa Amor so we'll have to tune in to see exactly how the boys and girls will be split up in the two villas.

The return of the iconic second villa will likely spell trouble for many of the existing couples, especially seeing as so many islanders remain open to getting to know others.

While the likes of Nicole and Ciaran seem to be as strong as ever, an old flame from Ciaran's past is set to make some waves as well as a woman from Joey's past – who also happens to know Grace, ouch!

The week-long time split between two villas will test the couples to the max as a new batch of boys and girls come in with their eyes firmly set on specific islanders.

At the end of the week will be the dramatic recoupling in which host Maya Jama will enter the villa, waiting to see whether the original islanders will choose to stick with their existing partners or recouple with someone new. In past years, there's been some pretty fiery exchanges, secrets spilled and an emotional moment or two so we can't wait to see what this year's has in store.

Previously this season, many thought that Casa Amor reared its head in a different format and may not appear for the week that we're all used to.

Upon Grace, Tiffany and Wil entering the villa, they received a surprise text telling them that they could pick some islanders to whisk away for an evening in a second villa.

It was there that Wil's connection with Uma, Grace's connection with Joey and Tiffany's connection with Ronnie were all cemented.

While it was a new spin on the format, fans were worried that Casa Amor wouldn't return for its midpoint series shake-up. Of course, in the All Stars edition of the show, which aired at the beginning of the year, there was no Casa Amor.

The reason it was dropped was explained by one of the Love Island producers Mike Spencer. He said because the cast had done it all before, having previously tried to find love in the Mallorca sun, they had to be "one step ahead" of those who returned.

"We have got to be reactive. These islanders have done it all before so we have to be one step ahead of them. This [will] give us the chance to shake it up and bring new islanders into the mix in new ways."

He added that All Stars had a much shorter run than the ordinary version. It runs for five weeks as opposed to the usual two months, so they had to cut it because of time restraints.

He continued: "Casa Amor, as we know and love it, doesn't really work for a five-week run because you need time to bed in, get to know each other, see if they are for you and if you want to switch it up.

"I think you don’t need the element of bringing a massive influx of new islanders in. That is good for an eight week run but you don’t need it for this. This is going to be more intense and people will fall for each other quicker."


Love Island continues tonight on ITV2 at 9pm. You can watch all previous seasons of Love Island on BritBox – you can sign up for a 7-day free trial.
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