Britain celebrates as Alex finally gets the girl on Love Island

With a little help from his fellow islanders, Alex kissed Ellie in Thursday night's show. The doctor is in...


After 18 days in the Love Island villa, fan favourite Alex finally got his first kiss with newcomer Ellie – and viewers went nuts about it.


Dr Alex has seen his share of upsets in his time in Mallorca, including seeing fellow islander Eyal steal away the apple of his eye, Megan. But on Wednesday night, armed with some ‘advice’ from fellow islanders, he plucked up the courage went to take Ellie aside and tell her that he would like to recouple with her in the future.

He was visibly nervous, saying that he was “laying his cards on his chest”.

But Ellie reacted well, telling him, “I’d love nothing more. I don’t want you to think it’s for the wrong reasons.”

“You’re being genuine,” Alex replied, before moving in for a snog as the rest of the house cheered on from the sidelines. Watch the moment unfold in full below.

Love Island fans have been rooting for Alex all series, and they were delighted to see him finally find “love”. For the most part, Twitter erupted in a whirlwind of relieved posts and celebratory gifs.

“Alex finally getting a kiss had me jumping more than Harry Kane’s last minute winner,” Jordan Coombe wrote.

However, others were not convinced.

“As much as I love Alex and want him to find love, Ellie is the Jonny to Alex’s Camilla,” @NicolaBates94 wrote, “she’s not into him she just knows the public love him.”

But most people were just happy to see him get the girl on this occasion.

Check out the official line-up below…


Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2

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