Love Island 2018 contestant Darylle Sargeant has already dipped her toe into the pool of reality TV stars.


"I went on some dates with Dean Ralph who is now on TOWIE," she says. "We stayed friends."

With tons of tattoos ("they make me stand out significantly") and long, brown hair ("it's all my own!") 24-year-old Darylle is hoping for a romantic connection in the villa. But she's also keen to keep things happy, friendly and above board...

"I’m an open book and I’m very honest," Darylle says. "I can be quite loud, definitely very friendly and I feel like I can make friends wherever I go. I don’t like confrontation or conflict, I want to keep a happy vibe in the villa."

She adds: "If I have my eye on someone’s guy, I will be honest and upfront about it. I am a girls’ girl. I have respect for people but I would be honest with them from the beginning so wouldn’t step on anyone’s toes if I liked their guy."

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Darylle admits to having previously cheated on a partner "a very long time ago". But, she says, "I learnt from that, I would never do it again."

What is Darylle looking for in a boy?

"I like tall, dark and handsome!" Darylle says. "I am really tattooed so I love heavily tattooed guys but I also like people who have good chat and banter, someone who isn’t too serious."

And she has her sights set on a few boys already: "In the villa, I’ve got my eye on Adam, he is beautiful. I like Jack too and Josh."

But she does have one big turn off.

"Arrogance," she explains. "I like a bit of cockiness and confidence but there is a fine line before it turns into arrogance."

Who is Darylle Sargeant? Key facts:

Age: 24

Job: Eyebrow technician


Instagram: @daryllleee
Location: Watford

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