Fitness coach and business management student Frankie Foster thinks he breaks the mould of the average male Love Island contestant.


"I’d say I’m a lot more chilled out than some of them and I don’t think I’m the stereotypical lad in skinny jeans and tight T shirts," 22-year-old Frankie explains. "The guys in there are of quite a similar mould."

And what is he like? "I’m a pretty confident guy – if I’m ever in a group of people, I’m never the quiet one, and I’ll always get stuck in. I’m usually noticed above anyone else," he says. "I’m quite honest, and I’m not really scared to say it. I normally back myself."

Despite all that, Frankie – who has played rugby semi-professionally and has also done some modelling – has never been in a serious relationship in his life.

"I’ve haven’t had one serious relationship –I’ve always been single," he says. "I’ve done the single thing now and it’s a bit boring. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to go on a night out and chat to girls, I’ve done that for too long. It would be good to click with someone now."

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What is Frankie looking for in a girl?

"It would be nice to find someone that I genuinely click with," Frankie says. "Obviously there are a lot of good looking people in there, but I’d like to end up finding someone I really like."

As he enters the villa, Frankie has his eye on Ellie and Zara – but that could all change.

"I change my mind in terms of who I like every time I watch it," he explains, "but at the moment it is probably Ellie and Zara. They both seem cool and chatty. They’re most similar to my usual type."

And who is he NOT attracted to? Laura and Rosie. Asked about his biggest turn off, he says: "The way that Laura and Rosie were when the new girls came in –being very defensive as soon as they arrived."

Who is Frankie Foster? Key facts:

Age: 22

Job: Business management student and fitness coach

Instagram: @frankiefoster3


Location: Cheltenham

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