Jordan Adefeyisan, aged 23, reckons he’s a right sort. “I am good looking,” he says. “My best attribute is my looks.” He even insists that his least likeable trait is that he’s too attractive, saying that people “might not like me because they'll think I'm better looking than them”.


He hasn’t had the best luck on Tinder – revealing he’s been catfished a few times – so Jordan is going into the villa to look for a “nice girl”.

So what is the best way to his heart? A healthy bank balance is top of the list. “I'd say money, but it's not that kind of show. If they made me laugh and got my vibe, that would win my heart.

“My idea of the perfect date is somewhere nice, a candlelit dinner with nice views and surroundings, good chat and some wine.”

What is Jordan looking for in a girl?

“A nice girl, with good banter and who I can click with properly," he says. "In the villa, I fancy Ellie, Megan and Georgia is fit as well. I know they are coupled up but it's all a game isn't it...”

Who is Jordan Adefeyisan? Key facts:

Age: 23

Job: Model

Instagram: jordanadefay

Twitter: @jordanadefay


Location: Stockport