Charlie Brake reckons he’s a "completely different guy to anyone in Love Island" and while the rest of the boys are relentlessly working out, Charlie won’t be joining them.


"You’ve got a lot of guys in the villa who spend a lot of time in the gym," he says. "I’m definitely not one of those guys, I keep fit but eat and drink what I want."

The 22-year-old self-proclaimed "socialite" thinks his background could cause some jealousy in the villa; he explains, "my grandfather founded a food distribution company called Brakes which my family own and we sold it so everyone is well looked after," adding: "I don’t really have to work so I tend to do what I want."

Charlie reckons his best attributes are his "pretty blue eyes", and he's a self-declared "no nonsense guy". He can be chilled but he will speak his mind in the "cut throat" villa.

He’s had a few long-term relationships, and even moved to America with a girl from Liverpool for a bit, but that didn't work out. His exes will "be surprised" to see him on Love Island, he reckons.

Charlie describes himself as "pretty traditional" but says, "As a second date, I have taken a girl out skiing or away for the weekend. Sometimes that works out quite well or sometimes I can regret it when I’m on the plane and realise I don’t want to be there with her."

Laura may have found her rebound from Wes after her cruel pieing this week!

Charlie isn't always a gentleman, though: he admits he once called a girl round at 3am then sent her home in an Uber after a fight and then cancelled the ride once she got into the cab. What a charmer.

And don't expect Charlie to respect his fellow boys' relationships – "I did go out with one of my mate's exes. I went there and we fell out so I would definitely do that. A lot of my mates call me ‘Snakey Brakey’ as a joke. I have got a reputation to walk over people, even if they are my mates. If I want something, I’ll go for it."

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What is Charlie looking for in a girl?

He describes his type as "blonde, blue eyes, petite and curvy" so at the minute he’s most interested in Ellie and Megan.

Though Josh won’t have to worry about Charlie stealing his partner as he says "a girl that tries too hard who is very loud so Georgia for example wouldn’t be for me at all."

Who is Charlie Brake? Key facts:

Age: 23

Job: Me (yes, really!)

Instagram: @charliebrake1

Location: Chelsea


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