Who is Dean Overson? Meet the Love Island contestant who’s not afraid of breaking up couples in the villa

Everything you need to know about the car sales exec with the hots for Megan and Ellie

Love Island Dean Overson

Dean, 25, is a self-proclaimed “confident young lad”. He also says he’s “likeable”, “honest” and “can hold a conversation”.


And that’s not all.  “I’m a good-looking lad, I’ve got a nice smile,” he says. “I’m in good shape, not overly buff. I’m funny.” Modest too, eh?

Before going on the show, Dean recently broke up from a two-year relationship that “started to fizzle out”. “I have no idea what she’ll say when she sees me on Love Island,” he says.

Don’t expect Dean to make too many friends in the villa though: “I will get along with everyone but I’m set in my ways. If I want something, I will get it,” he says. “I’m in there to find love so I wouldn’t be bothered about tearing any ties if I wanted to couple up with someone who was with someone else.”

Roll on the summer ?☀️??

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What is Dean looking for in a girl?

“They’ve got to have a lovely smile, I like nice eyes and I want a girl to have a bit about them – someone you can speak to and who can hold a conversation,” he says.

And, according to Dean, a few of the girls already fit the bill: “I like Megan and I’d go for Ellie,” he says. “I think all of the girls are lovely in their own way.”

Who is Dean Overson? Key facts:

Age: 25

Job: Car Sales Executive


Instagram:  dean_overson

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