Who is Grace Wardle? Here’s why this Love Island contestant is worried she won’t find romance in the villa

The newbie worries she's only going to be seen as "the funny one" by the boys

Love Island Grace Wardle

Grace, 25, says she can get along with everyone after chatting to clients as a hairdresser since the age of 14 – she even washed Joanna Lumley’s hair once. However, Grace has only had one serious relationship and hasn’t found much luck with love. “I’ve used quite a few dating apps,” she says. “I just find you have to go through about 200 men to find one decent one.”


And Grace also has a big concern about why she might not find romance on the show: “My biggest worry is just being seen as the funny one and not having anyone want to go on a date with me. The person that everyone wants to chat to as a friend but no one wants to date.”

Don’t expect Grace to be too quiet after landing in Love Island though: “Perhaps sometimes I can be too loud, and I think I can be very honest. I don’t do it in a nasty way though, but if someone was quite sensitive they might not like hearing what I have to say.”

Her best attributes? “Physically my eyes, and my breasts, as I paid for them so if they weren’t great I would be quite annoyed!”

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What is Grace looking for in a boy?

Although she says she doesn’t have a type and is “open-minded”, Grace is pretty sure about what sort of guy she’s not after: “the good-looking, arrogant one.” Sorry, Adam.

She does know she’s after a “gentleman”, though. “Touches like pulling your chair out at dinner and holding the doors open.  They really go a long way with me and it doesn’t go unnoticed,” she says.

Who is Grace Wardle? Key facts:

Age: 25

Job: Hairdresser

Instagram:  grace.wx


Location: London

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