They found love in the Love Is Blind pods, but things didn’t go to plan for Giannina and Damian after he jilted her at the altar.


Fast-forward to the present day, and it couldn’t be more different for the pair, who made a special announcement on the reunion show.

As they appeared on the special episode, which aired on March 5, Giannina and Damian revealed that they were back on and had been dating since the show finished.

At the beginning of the episode, hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey went round and asked the contestants to confirm their relationship status.

First, they asked who was single, at which point, Jessica, Kelly, Carlton, Diamond and Mark all raised their hands.

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Then they asked who was married to their fiancés from the show, prompting Lauren and Cameron, and Barnett and Amber to raise their hands.

But when they asked who was in a relationship, Kenny, Giannina and Damian all put their hands up.

The hosts dug a little further and asked who was in a relationship with the person they’d met on the show, which left only Gi and Damian standing.

Confirming their relationship, Giannina gushed before planting a kiss on her man's lips: “We are so together like every single day, waking up next to each other and like going to the gym together. I don’t want to lose this. I just don’t and I didn’t.”

The duo decided to give things another shot, following their exit from the show, as Giannina worked on her “self-sabotaging" issues.

Now, they’re both living separately, while continuing to date.

Giannina continued: “Looking back I respect his decision. I feel like where we are now is so right for us, where we can just date. He has his own place, I have my own place and we’re getting to know each other at our own pace and it’s just so refreshing. It hurt so much, but it’s all about what can I do with that and what I learned from that.”

So does Damian have any regrets about leaving Gianna at the altar?

“No,” he instantly responded, “It was definitely a strong love from the beginning. We pushed through a lot of challenges – as did everyone here – but I wanted it every day since the day I told her I love her in the pods, but she was in and out of it so much.”

The general manger apologised to Gi for the “embarrassment” and “pain” he caused her and her family, however, he stuck by his decision as he believes they wouldn’t be where they are today.

He continued: “I didn’t expect that. I thought she was going to be the one to say, ‘I don’t’ and I thought I’d be the one to have to say, ‘I don’t either. Ok I’ll walk away with you.’ That was the hardest decision I’ve probably ever made in my life and I would stick by it again because of where I am.”

Agreeing with her man, Gi added: “Since the show it’s been such an amazing journey with you to get to know and see how we integrate with each other’s lives and my friends and family love you. I’m so happy.”

N’aww! When’s the wedding?


All episodes of series one Love Is Blind including the reunion are available to stream on Netflix now