If you're like us, you'll be completely obsessed with Love Is Blind, the hit dating show that's taken Netflix by storm.


In it, a bunch of guys and girls try to prove you can fall in love with someone you've never seen and in the ultimate test, can marry them to show it's real.

We're quickly approaching the hotly anticipated finale which is set to shock, delight and surprise viewers.

But the main question on everyone's lips is who is the runaway bride seen in the trailer? Here's our theories...


Love Is Blind
Love Is Blind's Jessica

For starters, the mysterious bride has luscious and long blonde hair - a tell-tale sign pointing our eyes towards Jessica.

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She's undoubtedly had the most problems with her relationship with Mark, as the pair have really struggled to make it work outside the pods.

And with her heart clearly beating for Barnett, don't be surprised if she chooses to follow her heart, not her head.


Love Is Blind Giannina
Love Is Blind's Giannina

Another blonde haired option, Giannina has certainly been a fiery and impulsive on Love Is Blind.

From the off, she seemed to be getting on well with Damien, but problems slowly crept in as she admitted she overthinks thing and causes self-sabotage.

What's more, she has previous history of being one of the most dramatic contestants on Love Is Blind, so running away from the ceremony would probably be on brand.

Will we find her escaping the chapel in a dramatic scene?


Love Is Blind Amber
Love Is Blind's Amber

You may be screaming at your screen reading this, exclaiming: "But Amber's a brunette!"

However, we can announce she's actually dyed her hair blonde, as of 13th February.

There's a fair assumption Amber won't be the runaway bride, as she's definitely still brunette in the episode.

Spontaneous Amber could choose to don a wig, although that's highly unlikely.


Love Is Blind's finale drops on Netflix on 27th February