Which Love Is Blind couples are still together? All the drama after the cameras stopped rolling

From Lauren and Cameron to Kelly and Kenny, here's where the Love Is Blind couples are now, who is still together and who is single

Love is blind lauren and cameron

Netflix’s breakout dating show Love Is Blind has taken viewers by storm with its bizarre format, which involves contestants dating from separate pods and communicating through a wall.


Despite never seeing each other, we’ve seen couples profess their love for one another in just a matter of days, and even get engaged – which is when they’re then allowed to meet face-to-face. Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed were the first two to get engaged and both said I do when it came to their big day. The second couple. Matt Barnett and Amber Pike had more of a rocky ride but still tied the knot in the series finale.

For the remaining couples, it was a case of ‘I don’t’ as Jessica left Mark at the altar, Kelly ditched Kenny and Damian caused Giannina to become a runaway bride.

So does the show’s format really work on the outside world? While all of the contestants seem to be posting about the show on their respective social media accounts, none of them have given away the game and if they’re still going strong post-show.

The series, which is produced by Kinetic Content, was filmed all the way back in 2018, meaning most relationships would have gone way past their one-year mark by now if they’ve survived.

We now know which Love is Blind couples are still together thanks to the reunion show (on Netflix Thursday, 5th March). We expected no surprises thanks to sleuthing fans stalking Instagram, but it turns out we were wrong. There was talk of a call to a divorce lawyer, a reunion and a contestant finding love elsewhere.

So, who made it down the aisle, and who has gone their separate ways? Here’s everything we know so far about Netflix’s Love is Blind couples.

Lauren and Cameron – married

Love Is Blind's Cameron and Lauren

Lauren and Cameron on Love Is Blind

They became the very first couple to put a ring on it, after hitting it off from the moment they laid eyes on the shiny blue wall between them. So what’s happening with Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton?

The couple seemed to only grow stronger after meeting face-to-face, with Lauren, 32, describing their bond as “super special” during their time in Mexico.

She did, however, raise some concern about being in an interracial relationship, as Cameron, 28, is the first white guy she’s dated.

Speaking about her family’s worries, she said: “It’s my life to live, and I’ll just have to take whatever comes with that… If I have to make some people uncomfortable in the process, so be it.”

Nevertheless the couple proved that love is surely blind, as they said “I do” on the finale show and got married for real.

Lauren and Cameron after the show

Looking at their Instagram it’s far more obvious that for these two it was the real deal. Fans spotted Lauren wearing her ring still and pointed out her shots lounging around her home match Cameron’s big ol’ Southern house we saw on the show. Add to that the fact both posted pictures on holiday in Cancun – ok, without tagging each other, but they’re wearing the same glasses – and we think it’s safe to say these two are still together.

Since the show, Lauren spoke to Elite Daily saying: “Oh My God. We’re so happy. It’s just, like, every day we learn more and more about each other, and we honestly fall more and more in love with each other.” Then in a chat with LA Times Cameron revealed the room he set aside for Lauren’s study could soon have another purpose – he hopes.

What happened with Lauren and Cameron on the Love Is Blind Reunion Special?

No surprises here. Cameron cried (of course), Lauren cried (but still looked great) and everyone’s hearts melted again as we found out the pair are still married and are as much as love as ever. The couple has a ‘fur baby’ aka a dog called Sparks. Lauren explained he’s named after the sparks between her and her hubby.

Cameron revealed they have also discussed children, so watch this space.

love is blind
Love Is Blind Reunion show

Mark and Jessica – jilted at the altar

Love Is Blind's Mark and Jessica
Love Is Blind’s Mark and Jessica

Jessica and Mark on the show

While Mark Cuevas fell for Jessica Batten straight away, it was a different story for Jess, 34.

As previously mentioned, the regional manager had been getting to know Barnett at the same time, and she just couldn’t seem to get over their initial connection.

Nevertheless, she said “yes” when Mark, 24, popped the question. But, it wasn’t long before her doubts crept back in, with Jessica removing her engagement ring.

Speaking of her decision, she said during an interview on the show: “It doesn’t feel authentic for me to wear this symbol of forever.”

The couple decided to go through with the wedding anyway, but it was just more heartbreak for Mark, as Jessica refused to marry him at the altar and left him standing all alone.

Jessica and Mark after the show

Mark has since spoken to the New York Post and said he hasn’t spoken to Jessica since their thwarted big day, but he did reach out to her at one point. Ouch.

“I didn’t hear back,” he said, “but to me, it’s just sending love out there.” Poor Mark added: “Without Jessica, there would not be a Mark of today.” They do say it’s good to look at the positive side of things.

What happened with Jessica and Mark on Love Is Blind reunion?

Sitting on other sides of the room it looked pretty bad, but Mark was a gentleman and said he respected Jessica still. He addressed fans’ concerns that he was led on saying the pair had had “strong moments” that he felt were real. He did challenge Jessica saying he wished she’d been more honest about her feelings for Barnett. Jessica didn’t take one lying down saying she felt she had always been honest – she even got death threats from fans for it! Jessica moved back home for six months, but is now in LA , whereas Mark is still single but seems in a better place. Still hasn’t got that Italian Beef though…

Update: Jessica now has a new boyfriend, and she’s made it Instagram official!

Damian and Giannina – reunited

Love is Blind
Love Is Blind’s Damian and Giannina

Damian and Giannina on the show

One of the strongest couples at the start of the show, Damian Powers and Giannina Gibelli actually proposed to each other at the same time.

Their relationship only got stronger when they met in person as well, with the couple managing to overcome a small hurdle after Giannina, 25, felt that Damian, 27, was shutting down a conversation and not opening up to her.

They even spoke about how to make things work back home, where Giannina owns her own business and Damian works as a general manager.

But despite their strong start, the couple appeared to crumble at the end, with Damian refusing to marry her as he felt she wasn’t being consistent while he had been.

This led to a furious Giannina storming out of the wedding ceremony, as she gave Julia Robert’s Runaway Bride a serious run for its money. The crew were left just as surprised by the turn of events as viewers were

But, could the pair have rekindled their love off-screen?

Giannina and Damian after the show

It looked unlikely. Giannina opened up about the show in a few Instagram posts. She said she’d had a “WTF kind of rough” 2019. She said: “This past year was ROUGH (like WTF kinda rough), and it taught me so many lessons that I’m very grateful for. Growth hurts sometimes. That said, 2019 couldn’t GTFO fast enough. 2020, I’m ready for ya, bishhhh.” She’s also referred to herself as focusing on self care in the aftermath.

Damian rejoined Instagram after a three-year break and it looks like he’s enjoying life travelling.

But wait.

What happened with Giannina and Damian on the Love Is Blind Reunion Special?

The big surprise of the reunion came from these two – Damian and Giannina have reunited and are dating again, though slowly. They have their own places but seem pretty close. Both apologised during the special and look ready to move forward.

Kelly and Kenny – jilted at the altar


Kenny and Kelly on Love Is Blind

The couple seemed to take a slightly more mature approach to their relationship, with the pair discussing how they planned to fit their relationship into their everyday lives from the get-go.

And this didn’t exactly go down well with the other contestants, who singled them out as being the ones most likely to stay together.

Kelly and Kenny’s proposal was particularly cute, with them each covering their eyes despite not actually being able to see one another.

 “I love you today, and that love will remain, but I can’t wait to learn to love you even more,” Kenny, 27, told her at the time.

But by the time their wedding day arrived, it seemed they were just on two different pages, with Kelly deciding not to marry him despite loving him.

An upset Kenny couldn’t believe it, as he told the camera to stop filming him and admitted he didn’t know if he could try with her again.

Kenny and Kelly after the show

Kenny’s Linked shows he’s moved to Charlotte, North Carolina for work, while Kelly lives in Atlanta. In a recent Instagram post, Kelly talked about being single in her 30s – so no reconciliation here.  “I know boundaries now. I love myself so much that I won’t just be with a guy bc I’m lonely.”

What happened with Kenny and Kelly on Love Is Blind reunion special?

Kelly is single again but she dated a close friend after the show. She admitted the show had shown her she friend zones good guys. Kenny has moved on since the show and found love with a new lady who he said he’s very happy with.

Matt (Barnett) and Amber – married

Love Is Blind’s Barnett and Amber

Amber and Barnett on the show

Matt Barnett was accused of being a player, after initially finding a connection with Lauren Chamblin aka LC, Amber, and Jessica.

Finally, the 27-year-old settled down with Amber, 26, who couldn’t have been happier with his proposal.

Their relationship only went from strength-to-strength after they met in person, with the pair struggling to keep their hands off each other.

And despite a few wedding day jitters – mostly from Barnett, who couldn’t be reached in the morning – the couple shocked fans as they became the first couple to make it down the aisle.

Amber and Barnett after the show

So, are they still enjoying married life? Well, yes. Although the couple have kept pretty tight-lipped about their relationship, fans sleuthed their little hearts out.

Flocking to Instagram, viewers uncovered a picture Barnett posted on 6 July, 2019, as he lived his best life on holiday.

In the image – which shows him enjoying a beer as he relaxed in the water – Barnett dons an American flag-styled cowboy hat.

And eagle-eyed fans have noticed that Amber happened to be rocking very similar headgear in a holiday pic, which she uploaded on 5 July.

Captioned: “Happy birthday America,” the 26-year-old can be seen posing in a bikini and the stripes and stars hat.

View this post on Instagram

Happy birthday America! ????????????

A post shared by Amber Pike (@atypicalamber) on

Since then the pair have spoken to various US magazines and revealed they’ve left Barnett’s house and moved into an apartment together in the Battery. Amber confessed they’re still as much in love and enjoying “having fun”. While Barnett went on holiday for Thanksgiving with his friends Amber spent it with his family. Sounds pretty solid to us.

What happened with Amber and Barnett on the Love Is Blind reunion special?

So much. Amber had it out with Jessica, Barnett cleared the air… the pair were very honest about what had happened since the cameras stopped rolling and they moved out of their (apparently haunted) home. The couple said due to their shared stubbornness they have been learning how to communicate and work through things and ‘be as a couple’. Rest assured though, Barnett said they’ve managed it and all is good. Amber did confess that at one point she was ready to call a divorce lawyer but stuck it out and both are very happy still married.

Carlton and Diamond – split

Love Is Blind's Carlton and Diamond

Carlton and Diamond on the show

The first couple to call it quits, Carlton Morton and Diamond Jack walked away from the show before filming even finished. Things turned sour between them after Carlton put a ring on it and an emotional argument made them realise that they weren’t right for each other.

Carlton felt that it was the right time to tell his fiancée that he’d previously dated people of “both genders”, however, Diamond found this difficult to process and believed she should have been told earlier.

The couple’s exchange got heated, and resulted in the pair deciding to end the experiment and leave the show as singles.

“I have clearly realised this is not the woman for me,” Carlton said in episode four, after their confrontation. “She has proven herself to be ignorant, she has proven herself to be stereotypical… I feel betrayed just as much as she feels betrayed.”

“I was about to walk down the aisle with someone that clearly I didn’t know,” Diamond then explained.

“And I feel like, it shouldn’t have got that way. I was really there just to talk to him and tell him how I felt… So it’s a done deal with us.”

Carlton and Diamond after the show

Carlton seems willing to try and be friends though. He told People: “At this point, whatever happens, happens. It would be great. But it takes time I think. I think we both have to still process the way we feel. We still have different views on the way things panned out and what was done wrong.”

Diamond also seemed willing to talk. “We have a lot of growing, both of us, to do and I am willing to grow. I love growing but I feel like we can at least come now to a medium and be able to sit and now talk because this is a very touchy subject. And both of us still get emotional about it. Even though it happened over a year ago, it still feels like it was yesterday.”

What happened with Carlton and Diamond on the Love Is Blind reunion?

Carlton got emotional as he spoke about people’s reactions to his sexuality. He and Diamond have got death threats since the show aired. Carlton defended his ex-fiancee against those who have called her homophobic or biphobic. Both seemed to realise their argument got out of hand in Mexico and forgave each other.

Carlton actually went as far as to get back down on one knee, but don’t worry he wasn’t proposing! While Diamond looked a bit shocked he got back out the ring and asked her if they could be friends and work from there. There’s not much you can do when someone catches you off guard on TV but Diamond accepted and they hugged it out.

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Love Is Blind‘s first five episodes are available to stream on Netflix now. New episodes will drop on February 20.