As is the way with Love Is Blind, things can seem perfectly happy for a couple and then quickly, things can start to unravel. That was the case for Kenneth and Brittany as they returned home to Charlotte following their retreat in the Dominican Republic.


After a serious conversation about the intimacy within their relationship, the couple decided to call it quits before their weddings, with Kenneth saying: "This is not going to work but I do want you to find the person who you're supposed to be with," before hugging a very emotional Brittany.

The couple were the first of the engaged pairs to break up this season.

Speaking to People, Brittany told the outlet: "It may seem a bit sudden to the eye, but I think for him and I, coming back after the Dominican and being in a home and trying to get back to normal reality of how our day-to-day life is, we did seem like we were drifting apart just a bit."

But, was there more to Brittany and Kenneth's split?

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Why did Love Is Blind's Brittany and Kenneth split up?

Kenneth and Brittany meeting for the first time on Love Is Blind and sharing a kiss.
Kenneth and Brittany. Netflix

Senior client partner Brittany, 25, and school principal Kenneth, 26, decided to end their relationship and call of their wedding in episode 8 of season 6 due to a lack of intimacy within their relationship.

Speaking to People about their split, Kenneth said: "As hard as it was for me to say, 'I think it's the time we need to just walk away from each other at this moment,' ultimately, what it was for me is just the power of time."

He continued: "There were moments before where I was like, I can kind of feel some things that are a little icky for me. But I'm such a fighter, I just believe in fighting, so that's just my life."

Also speaking about his tendency to close up, he added: "I'm like a silent processor. And so, there are many times where things were happening, things were said between the two of us, and instead of me just responding in the moment just impulsively, I pretty much just started to retreat."

During a conversation, Brittany questioned him about the night before, when he got home late and woke her up while knowing that she had to be up for work at 5am.

Kenneth then told her that he didn't want this to be the one reason she changes her perspective of him, leading Brittany to open up about not feeling a "crave" for him intimately.

"I don't know how to pinpoint it Kenneth, I really don't and I wish I did," she said. "But I feel like when we do talk about us, our minds and our heads are right there with one another, like what we want out a marriage is there, but, like, where's the intimate feeling between us and the crave of us, like, having what we want in a marriage?

"Or, like, the desire to have it between us. I feel like that desire and crave between you and I is the missing piece because everything else is aligned."

Insisting that he didn't feel that way, Kenneth then continued: "For you, because for me... that's not true for me. So, if you feel like you don't have a crave for me, thank you for telling me that, but I don't feel like I'm missing the crave for you. I think I work a lot, there are times where I am trying to be affectionate to you and you may feel like you don't want it at the moment.

"Normally when I kiss you, it's like a kiss and you just go back, so cool... I'm a respectful man, I'm not going to force myself or push myself up on you. I'm going to take what I see to be something that you're comfortable with proceeding. Like, even last night when I woke you up, I was trying to be very affectionate, you pushed me off you. I was in that moment, you weren't."

Kenneth then admitted that Brittany can often "show up" in this way, which isn't encouraging.

"I think where I am beginning to get concerned is when you start to question the status of our relationship, and to me, I wonder, when life continues to happen, is it always going to be a question about how I feel about you," he said.

She responded: "I am very affectionate. We barely kiss and haven't made out and for some reason that just feels really awkward to me... I just, I think that... I'm getting very emotional.... I think it upsets me so much because I want so badly to be able to experience so much of that crave that I had with you in the pods, but it's just scaring me that I'm not feeling like that consistently."

Kenneth then came to the conclusion that "that's not enough for us to get married... and we have to be OK and honest about that".

He added: "I'm so confident that, spiritually, what's supposed to be for me will be. That's just how God operates with me, and in this situation, what is before me, God has already prepared me for.

"And even though I have so much love for you and I care about you so much, if it's not there for you and I, he's going to prepare me for that, and you, and us for that. I will still be the biggest supporter of you and believer in you, but I love myself too much and I've also overcome so much just to force something just because – it's not fair to me or you!"

Are Brittany and Kenneth back together?

Love Is Blind season 6 contestants Brittany and Kenneth smiling at each other as they arrive at the hotel in the Dominican Republic.
Love Is Blind season 6 contestants Brittany and Kenneth. Netflix

It's not known if Brittany and Kenneth rekindled things after the show.

After their split, they didn't appear in the rest of the second batch of episodes, including a barbecue later on in the show which was attended by the other couples as well as Jessica, Mackenzie and Trevor.

The pair are still friends, however, and follow each other on Instagram, which is a good sign. Speaking to People, Brittany said: "I think Kenneth is very much someone who thinks about what he's saying, and he's not very reactive. And that's something that I do really appreciate about him.

"And so that's, I think where we might be silent in some instances, I believe that that's what we're doing. We're reflecting, we're taking a second to ourselves. Being in the moment still with one another, but also so taking step by step, day by day."

We'll update you right here once we know more.

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