Love Is Blind might be the best/worst show Netflix has ever given us – and the world is all of a sudden completely obsessed with it.

However, the dating show can be a little bit confusing, for many reasons, and if you're anything like me, you'll be screaming at your TVs.

After battling through the speedy relationships, here are the questions I was left with after the debut of Love Is Blind.

What IS this show?

If you managed to make it through the lengthy introduction, then you were probably wondering what on earth you were watching. Well, I'm here to confirm your suspicions: it might just be the best show on TV.

Two groups of girls and guys are split up and they're only allowed to speak to, not see, a member of the opposite sex. If they strike up a connection while chatting via their isolation pods, they must propose – yes, you read that right – in order to meet them in person. They then spend their first night in a luxury Mexican resort before getting married after four weeks. If you're breathless after reading this, then share a thought for the cast who move faster than the speed of light to find the one.

Is Love Is Blind fake?

I mean, come on, they fell for each other SO quickly, surely they can't be serious? Well actually, the whole process is real (I know!!). Coelene explained to Variety: "In the beginning nobody knew who anybody was. So we structured it so that they would have an opportunity to talk to everyone. They were never given any instruction on what to say or what not to say or what they could ask about or what they couldn’t ask about. We really wanted it to be their own story, their own journey.

"We would set it up so they had the opportunity to talk to everybody. Then from that point [it was monitored]. Let’s say somebody really wanted to talk to you and you’re like, 'Yeah, I have no interest in that person.' You’re not going to talk to them. It doesn’t matter. We’re not going to arrange people to speak to one another where somebody’s like, 'yeah, I don’t want to talk to that person.' We just wouldn’t do that."

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Who is Nick Lachey?

Love Is Blind got approximately no minutes in and I was left baffled – no, not by the premise, by host Nick Lachey. Within seconds, he proudly introduced himself but I, being a mere Brit, had no clue who he was – or his wife, Vanessa Lachey, who also presents.

Well, thankfully the internet exists and I can reveal he's an American actor, singer and television personality. What's more, reality TV fans will know he was famously married to Jessica Simpson and appeared in his own show, Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica. If that isn't enough, talented Nick also has four solo albums and a recurring role in Charmed. So that's me told.

Love Is Blind Nick Lachey
Love Is Blind's Nick Lachey

Why are they so dressed up?

As made very clear from the beginning of Love Is Blind, appearances do not matter, I repeat, do not matter. The whole premise of the Netflix show is that the contestants are supposed to form relationships with each other based on personality alone.

So why are all of the contestants dressed as if they're going to the Oscars? Even in the blind stage of the process, the men are wearing suits and the women have ball gowns on. It's bizarre. It's glamourous. And I love it.

How long do they really spend together?

It can't just be me who's completely confused about the amount of time the couples actually spend together in the pods. In episode one, one couple says they love each other after four days before getting engaged after five. Time moves incredibly fast on Love Is Blind, but surely they have to be talking more than the little snippets we see?

Well, yes, according to producer, Chris Coelene, who told Variety: "There were there pretty much 24-7. It's funny because we would encourage them to take breaks [...] but they didn't want to, they wanted to stay in those pods. Even so far as want to sleep in those pods, they wanted to stay in those pods as much as possible. The more they got in there, the more they have these conversations! Deep conversations that they never had with family members or friends or people they've dating. They wanted to be there and talk to these people as much as they possibly could."

Apparently, the longest pod session was probably around five hours, and the contestants were allowed to chat whenever they wanted, multiple times a day. OK, I'll stop being a cynic now.

Love Is Blind
Love Is Blind's Jessica

Where do they get the rings from?

They're locked up in this house, but all of a sudden, the men on Love Is Blind have picked out the perfect engagement ring for their lucky ladies. Did they take the ring in with them? Does production give them a ring? Is there a magic ring teleporter? Is there a jewellery pod we haven't seen yet?

Some fans have little theories of their own and it all comes from a telling scene in episode four where the couples take a trip to Mexico. Carlton and Diamond split up and in the ultimate revenge twist, he throws her engagement ring into the pool. Some think he wouldn't have possibly thrown his own bling in the water... maybe he lost the receipt?

Will any of the couples last?

Well, if we believe in love, maybe they will. Maybe they won't – is love even real at this point?

Thankfully, we have an up-to-date guide on each couple so you never lose track of your new favourite couples.

Is this the best, most addictive, weirdest reality show ever?

Yes, and we wouldn't change it for the world.

Love Is Blind is available to stream on Netflix now