Love Is Blind's season finale aired last week but that doesn't mean the rollercoaster of emotions has to stop - and, to be honest, we don't really want it to just yet.


For starters, we have a ton of questions; like has Mark tried to talk to Jessica? Why did Jessica actually give her dog wine? Who is still together? Will Amber and Jessica have a proper showdown? Will we ever get to see Rory again?

Thankfully, some of your burning questions will be answered on the Love Is Blind Special Reunion episode on Thursday, 5th March. If you're wondering how and when to tune in to watch it then carry on reading for our quickfire guide.

When will Love Is Blind reunion special be on Netflix?

The Love Is Blind reunion special is on Netflix and Netflix's YouTube page now (Thursday, 5th March) - a week after the season finale. Of course, the benefit of it being on YouTube means you don't have to be signed up. You're welcome.

What time will Love Is Blind reunion special be on Netflix?

The Love Is Blind reunion special was released on Netflix and Netflix's YouTube channel at 12.01am US time, that's 8am UK time on Thursday, 5th March.

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That's the norm for Netflix releases due to the HQ being in California.

What Love Is Blind couples will be on the reunion show?

Netflix released a photo from the reunion giving us a look at who returned.

Amber and Barnett are nice and cosy - though now we know that face he's pulling is because Amber is telling Jessica what she really thinks...

Kelly and Kenny are sat by each other (despite splitting up) and Mark and Jessica are the other side of the room from each other, but we may get a bit of closure since they both turned up. Damian and G, Lauren and Cameron and Carlton and Diamond are all present too. Full house!

love is blind

Will there be another season of Love Is Blind?

If the reunion just isn't enough for you, don't worry, the producers have said they're looking at Love Is Blind season two already. Watch this space. In the meantime, why not check out our recommendations for what to watch after Love Is Blind while you wait.

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