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Where is Love is Blind filmed? From the pods to Mexico to wedding venues

The custom-built pods where Netflix's wild dating show was filmed still exist...

Love Is Blind
Published: Thursday, 5th March 2020 at 2:02 pm

Love is Blind is all we've heard and talked about since Netflix dropped the brand new dating show on the streaming site on February 13.


The wild, dating concept – which sees couples dating and getting engaged without seeing each other face-to-face – has got everyone hooked.

Like many of the contestants (some who even tied the knot), viewers have fallen in love.

So much so, they've called for a series two, and the show's creator has hinted at there being up to 12 more series to come.

The hype around the show has had viewers asking lots of question, one of them being where it's filmed? did some research on the location, and here's what we found out (just in case you fancied your chances at finding love in a pod).

Where is Love Is Blind filmed?

While we saw the couples jet off to Mexico after getting engaged, they first spent 10 days in specially built pods, which are located in Atlanta, Georgia - an area known for its TV and film manufacturing.

The couples are said to have met in these pods at the Pinewood Atlanta Studios in Fayetteville on October 9, 2018.

According to Refinery 29, the couples then met face-to-face on October 19, and were then whisked away to Playa del Carmen, Mexico, where they filmed at the Grand Velas Riviera Maya retreat.

Following the trip, they headed back to Atlanta, where they moved in with one another.

Although shown over 10 episodes, filming is thought to have lasted for 38 days leading up to the wedding days.

Love Is Blind, the reality dating show that’s got everyone hooked, starts off with contestants in pods and ends with them walking down an aisle.

The Netflix series proved to be a hit drawing us into every couple testing the waters as they tried to work out if Love really is Blind.

The format saw contestants go from a weird quarantine style bunker with pods to a luxurious resort in Mexico to sharing a home together, but where was this all filmed?

Where were the pods?

Love Is Blind’s whole concept is based on men and women dating while never actually seeing each other as they sit in pods behind a wall.

Over the course 10 days the contestants go on a series of dates. The pair cannot see each other until the man proposes – or in Gi’s case, the woman.

The show was filmed in Atlanta, though we barely see the city in the first few episodes thanks to the pods.

All of the contestants are from the area, which sort of cuts down the long distance issue when finding a potential life partner right?

When the women and men weren’t dating in the pods they hung out in what looked like a weird uni hall situation. The producers' called them lounges, which is fine as that sounds far fancier. Lauren described it as a “sorority” while Mark called it a “frat house”.

What Mexico resort did they stay at?

After the men have proposed, the couples have seen each other and their “emotional connection” has been established the pairs are flown out to Cancun in Mexico.

The group spend time in a spa resort called the Grand Velas Riviera Maya.

You can actually book a room there if you’re interested, have the cash and time free to fly off to paradise.

Where were the weddings filmed?

Two separate venues were used for the weddings on Love Is Blind. Giannina and Damian, Amber and Barnett, Kelly and Kenny and Lauren and Cameron were all filmed at The Estate in Atlanta. The 18th century home in Buckhead forest (3109 Piedmont Road). You can take a look inside on its YouTube channel to see the basement wine cellar the men hung out in.

The Estate is a 14,000 sq foot antebellum house built in 1797 in Wilkes County, Georgia, but it was disassembled and moved two hours west to Piedmont Road. If you're thinking it looks pretty good as a venue it comes at a cost - $45,000 to be exact... There is catering though and room for up to 220 guests. It looks like the wedding was held in the ballroom - we can tell because the flooring is chevron (yes, we stalked the website).

Mark and Jessica's wedding was at Flourish in Atlanta, which had more of a hotel feel to it. You can actually book yourself into both of the venues.

Flourish, 3143 Maple Drive, is more for events than weddings. It's just three minutes down the road from The Estate. It apparently costs between $3,500 to $9,000 to host an event there, with a top up fee for weddings. There's plenty of room though as 400 people can be seated in this space.

When did filming take place?

Filming actually finished a while ago. Damian Powers said the first season came to an end in November 2018, which means those who got married have already celebrated their first anniversaries.

The weddings were held all on the same day, you can tell by the gloomy weather that we consistently see as each couple turns up at their venue. However, a little look at the weather charts tell us that while it rained pretty much all week in Atlanta from 12th November to 15th November it's likely Amber/Barnett, Gi/Damian and Kenny and Kelly were all the same day. Mark/Jessica and Lauren/Cameron had a sunnier affair so perhaps were after...

Will there be a series two?

It's looking very likely that there'll be a series two of Love Is Blind.

The creator Chris Coelen recently revealed he's in talks about another series.

Speaking to, he said: "We’re certainly talking about [season 2], yeah. I think it’s safe to say we’ll be seeing people put to the test of whether love is blind well into the future. That’s what I would certainly hope for."

Will series two be in the same place?

The location for series two could be slightly different, as Coelen has spoken about the possibility of taking the hit show overseas.

When asked if we'd get our own UK edition of the show, he said: "Absolutely! 100 per cent. Let’s make it happen, I’d love it."

And the show's dark horse Rory Newbrough – who was actually left out of filming on the show – let slip that the producers had discussed the possibility of expanding to different cities and potentially other countries too.

Coelen did however reveal that the pods where series one was filmed still remain in the custom-built set.

So, it's likely the show could make a return to the same spot where we first met Lauren, Cameron and co.

Who is still together?

We’ve got our full guide to who is still together, who is single and where all the Love Is Blind contestants are now.

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Love Is Blind series one is available to stream on Netflix now – the Love Is Blind reunion special will air on Thursday 5th March 2020


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