Love Is Blind contestant Jessica Batten has spoken out about wanting to leave the show prior to her wedding to Mark Cuevas.


The star of Netflix's hit reality got engaged to fitness instructor Mark, who is ten years her junior, after developing an emotional connection in the pods. However, the couple got on to a rocky start during their trip to Mexico, with things deteriorating even further once they got back to the "real world".

In a move that surprised no one but, rather shockingly, Mark, Jessica ended up saying "I don't" at the altar during the final episode.

Now, Jessica has revealed that she didn't want to go through with the wedding in the first place.

"I had to stay. I definitely had a conversation about leaving and I wasn’t able to do that," Jessica told EW. "My dog got sick too, and almost died during the show, I had so much other stuff going on.

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"It was really frustrating because I kind of knew [Mark and I] weren’t going to get there. I definitely had some conversations and attempted to leave, but I wasn’t able to."

Jessica went on to compare the experience to "psychological warfare", adding: "Planning a wedding is stressful enough, I hear. But when you’re planning a wedding with someone that I knew I didn’t want to marry him, we weren’t ready for that, and we actually had multiple conversations and we were both on the same page about that.

"We weren’t ready to marry each other in that allotted amount of time that we had. We were very much on the same page about that."

But something must've got lost in translation, because Mark ended up saying "I do" before Jessica walked out during the ceremony, proving that love isn't blind, at least not for these two.

A reunion episode is set to land on Netflix on Thursday. Hopefully it will shed some light on what really went on behind-the-scenes – as well as reunite Jessica with former flame Barnett, who ended up marrying fellow contestant Amber.


Love Is Blind season 1 is available to watch on Netflix.