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The two secret couples they didn't show you on Love Is Blind

These couples didn't make it to Mexico despite putting a ring on it...

Published: Friday, 28th February 2020 at 1:27 pm

Ever since Netflix dropped their new dating show Love Is Blind, fans have been going wild with speculation.


The series - which sees couples dating and getting engaged without seeing one another - has had everyone talking, with many wondering whether any of the couples are still together after the explosive finale, which saw some tie the knot.

But what some viewers didn't notice about the bizarre dating show, is that there were actually two other couples who didn't get featured on the rest of the series despite finding a connection in the pods.

After popping the question, Cameron and Lauren, Amber and Barnett, Giannina and Damian, Mark and Jessica, Kenny and Kelly and Diamond and Carlton were all whisked away on a romantic baecation to Mexico.

However, Rory Newbrough and Danielle Drouin, and Westley Baer and Lexie Skipper - who also got engaged - were left behind.

So why were they cut from the show? And who are they?

Here's everything we know about the secret couples...

love is blind
love is blind

Why were the missing couples cut from Love is Blind?

According to Rory, he and Westley were told by producers that they didn't have the resources to send them to Mexico after the pod experiments.

Speaking to PEOPLE, he said: "As we were preparing to go to the Mexico trip, the leads of the show came in and said, ‘Hey, we were expecting maybe one or two [engagements]. The shows we’ve done before, we’ve never had this much success. We prepared for five. Then we got eight engagements, so we had to pick who we were going to follow.'"

He continued: "We got our phones back. They thanked us graciously and said, ‘Sorry, we just don’t have enough to cover everybody.’”

A representative for the show said the decision "truly boiled down to bandwidth" because they "did not anticipate such success."

“They practically picked names out of a hat because it was hard to predict what the outcomes would be for anyone,” they added.

As a result of them being cut from the show, Rory and Danielle and Westley and Lexie's experiments in the pods got very little air time, but that's not to say the experience didn't work for them...

Rory and Danielle

Rory talking to Barnett (Netflix)

Rory - a 30-year-old Twitch Streamer - only seemed to appear on screen when he was giving advice to his fellow participants, however, he actually developed a love connection of his own with Danielle.

By day six of the experiment, he started falling for her, saying: "What I realised about the process is not only was I better able to listen and be involved with the conversation with nothing distracting me, I was also able to really tune into how I was feeling."

He added: “So when we would talk and I would listen to myself like, ‘Oh my God, she’s having effects on me.’"

The pair - who even cooked meals for each other during their times in the pod - had an instant connection, which led to Rory popping the question.

But after meeting in person, disappointment struck as they were told they wouldn't be going on the Mexico trip.

Nevertheless, they took it on the chin and decided to take their own trip to Miami – however, they split upon returning to Atlanta, as Danielle had unresolved feelings for their castmate Matt Thomas.

Despite the breakup, they remain friends.

Westley and Lexie

Love Is Blind fans might remember self-proclaimed short guy Westley from early on in the series.

"I’m short, and there are women out there that won’t date guys that are shorter,” Westley - who is 5ft 9in - revealed at the beginning of the journey.

Despite his insecurities, however, the 29-year-old did manage to find love with Lexie - who couldn't give a damn about his height.

The duo immediately hit it off, and after the experiment continued seeing each other. However, after three months, Westley decided on a career change which took him away from Lexie as he moved to China.

Westley and Lexie now live a few apartment buildings away from each other in New York. They talk and hang out regularly, with West, 29, saying they could revisit their romance once the show dies down.

Sounds like love was really blind for these two!


The Love Is Blind reunion special will air on Netflix on Thursday 5th March 2020


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