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The Love Is Blind contestants now: Marriage, a call to a divorce lawyer and a reunion

From Amber and Barnett to Giannina and Damian, here's who said "I do" or made a run for it (literally)

Love Is Blind contestants
Published: Friday, 28th February 2020 at 10:42 am

Netflix's Love Is Blind has had everyone talking since it hit screens on February 13.


The wild concept sees contestants dating and getting engaged without seeing each other in real life, before testing out their relationship in the real world in a bid to make it down the aisle in just three weeks.

The finale episode has now aired with the couples' wedding days finally arriving and we've now been given the gift of a Love Is Blind Reunion Special updating us on where all the Love Is Blind contestants and couples are now.

So, who actually said "I do"? Who was jilted at the altar? Who is single now and who is still together?

Catch up on the latest with the Love Is Blind contestants below.

Barnett and Amber - Married

Love Is Blind's Amber and Barnett

Amber and Barnett on the show: Their attraction for one another has been pretty clear from the get-go, with the duo struggling to keep their hands off each other.

But Barnett has raised eyebrows, after initially finding a connection with some of the other girls, including Jess.

Nevertheless, the couple surprised fans as they became the first couple on the show to get married.

Despite a few wedding day jitters from Barnett - who Amber struggled to get through to on the day - it all went to plan for the lovebirds.

Amber and Barnett now: On the Love Is Blind Reunion Special Amber admitted it has taken the couple time to settle into married life but both said they were "learning". Amber confessed at one point she had been ready to call the divorce lawyers, but the pair worked everything out. Barnett added everything had been "good since then". Looking at their Instagram they look pretty loved up, jetting off on holidays together and spending time with their families.

Barnett said he had "no regrets" when it came to how he dealt with LC, Amber and Jessica's situation as it got him to where he is today with Amber. Awww!

Mark and Jessica - Ditched at the altar

Love Is Blind's Mark and Jessica

Mark and Jessica on the show: Unsurprisingly, Mark and Jessica's big day didn't go to plan, as Jessica backed out at the last minute.

The 34-year-old decided she couldn't get married to someone 10 years younger, despite Mark explaining he wasn't like other 24-year-old's.

She decided to drop the bombshell after walking down the aisle, leaving Mark very heartbroken as he stood alone at the altar.

Speaking to the camera, she later said: "I guess I’ll apologise to whoever I need to apologise to, but I’m not going to apologise to myself because I’m not actually sorry." Ouch!

Mark and Jessica now: Since the show, Jessica has come under fire as fans felt she led Mark on. Jessica said she's received death threats since the show aired, but defended her actions saying she'd "always been honest". Mark said he respected Jessica and they had experienced "strong moments". Both are still single and won't be getting back together.

You'll also be pleased to know Jessica apologised to Amber and Barnett for not letting go of her crush on him and her actions in Mexico. Did Amber accept? Well, she said she accepted "the intent behind the apology". We'll leave that there.

Lauren and Cameron - Married

Love Is Blind's Cameron and Lauren

Lauren and Cameron on the show: Following in Barnett and Amber's footsteps, Lauren and Cameron also sealed the deal as they said "I do" at the altar.

Ahead of their wedding, Lauren, 32, admitted that she wasn't 100 per cent sure on what she'd do, and Cameron, 28, was worried she might leave him hanging.

But the pair - who were first to get proposed - proved that love is blind as they left the show as husband and wife.

Lauren and Cameron now: Lauren and Cameron were the couple that stood out for viewers. Thankfully there were no big surprises at the reunion. The pair are still all loved up. Cameron cried (of course), Lauren cried (but still looked great) and everyone's hearts melted again.

The couple revealed they now have a 'fur baby' aka a dog called Sparks, which is named after her and Cameron's connection. Cute right? Cameron also hinted that the pitter-patter of tiny feet could be heard in Chez Hamilton soon as the pair have spoken about having kids.

Damian and Giannina - Jilted at the altar

Love Is Blind's Damian and Giannina

Damian and Giannina on the show: Probably one of the most fiery couples on the show, with the duo having multiple arguments on screen, it's little wonder Damian and Gianna's wedding went belly up.

At the end of episode nine, viewers knew Gi wanted to marry Damien, and had opened up her heart to the possibility of their future together.

But when Damien was asked if he wanted to spend his life with Gi, he replied: "I do not", before explaining that he felt she hadn't been "consistent."

It resulted in a super embarrassed Giannina doing a runner, and sobbing to her mum outside the venue.

Poor, girl!

Damian and Giannina now: These two gave us the surprise of the reunion! When asked who was in a relationship since the show ended Damian and Gi both put their hands up. Turns out the pair have reconciled and are dating again. Gi talked on the reunion show about her penchant for self-sabotage, confessing it's been something she's working on. She apologised to Damian for putting him through the arguments, but she wasn't the only one saying sorry - Damian apologised for saying "I don't" at the altar. He also revealed the pair had spoken about whether they were ready before the wedding and he thought it was going to be Gi that said "I don't".

No wedding bells to be heard yet, but the pair admitted they weren't ready on the show to marry and they didn't regret what happened that day. We're happy they're happy.

Kenny and Kelly - Jilted at the altar

Love Is Blind's Kelly and Kenny

Kelly and Kenny on the show: Many thought that the duo were endgame and definitely going to get married.

But much to our surprise, the couple didn't make it, as Kelly experienced cold feet on the day.

Kelly had a moment of clarity as she was putting her dress on during her wedding day, and realised she couldn't marry someone she'd only known for a matter of days.

Admitting she wasn't "infatuated" with him, she decided to call things off - but it just so happened to be at the altar in front of all their family and friends.

Pass us the tissues, please!

Kelly and Kenny now: Kelly is single now, but Kenny has found love with a new lady. Kenny spoke on the reunion show about his new girlfriend saying he had no regrets as everything he learned dating Kelly prepared him for his new relationship, opening him up and allowing him to be vulnerable. He's so cute.

Kelly cried as she updated everyone on her journey - dating her friend since the show and her newly single status. The pair also said they had spoken before the wedding about what they'd say with Kelly claiming she had given Kenny a bit of a heads up.

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The Love Is Blind reunion special will air on Netflix on Thursday 5th March 2020


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