Love Is Blind's Jessica Batten has spoken out after fans got onto her about a very awkward scene of the Netflix show which saw her give her dog a sip of her wine.


The 34-year-old has been known for causing quite a stir on the wild dating show, but she really shocked fans in episode six.

In the particular clip, Jessica is having a serious conversation with her partner Mark about being emotionally stable.

As Mark insists he's mature for his age, Jessica tells him - in true Jessica fashion - that he's a "grown a*** man" and she doesn't want to be his "parent" due to their 10-year age gap.

But although the conversation annoyed many fans, it's what she did next that really threw viewers off.

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Love Is Blind's Jessica and Mark

Fans couldn't believe their eyes when the 34-year-old tipped her wine glass and allowed her dog to have a sip of her red vino.

What made the situation even worse is that Miss Batten didn't even bat an eyelid and continued to drink from the same glass as if nothing had happened , as she whispered: "She loves wine."

Shocked, confused and completely horrified, fans rushed to social media as they re-shared the clip and voiced their concerns for both Jessica and her dog.

One wrote: "Can we also just talk about this Love Is Blind clip where Jessica is forcing Mark to explain that he's mature for a 24-year-old while she lets her dog take a big ole gulp of wine from her glass (alcohol is obviously toxic for dogs.)"

Another added: "I was shocked to see Jessica from Love Is Blind letting her dog drink from her wine glass.. like I’m a huge dog lover but NO that is not okay."

Echoing the same sentiment, a third wrote: "I am almost finished with the finale of Love Is Blind and while there have been several catastrophes nothing will touch Jessica letting her dog drink red wine and then continuing to drink from the glass."

Of course, everyone wanted to know Jessica's thought process behind this strange action, (and if she and her dog really drink wine together on a Friday night).

The contestant has since spoken out about the incident, blaming her actions on being "uncomfortable" on camera.

Speaking in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, she said: "I definitely have never done that before. I won’t do that again.”

She added: “I love my dog more than anything and that was not something I would ever recommend anyone to do. I think I was just really uncomfortable. I don’t even remember doing it. I don’t know why I did that but it was definitely unnecessary for sure.”

She also spoke about her regrets over her own drinking on the series, having got very drunk during her hen do.

She said: “I think there’s a reason that there’s sometimes alcohol around during these reality shows. Sometimes you loosen up and these moments can kind of come out. I really wish that I would have been better about the drinking for me. I was really uncomfortable and so I had a few moments where I overdrank."


Love Is Blind series one is available to stream on Netflix now – the Love Is Blind reunion special will air on Thursday 5th March 2020