Love Is Blind fans react to “stressful” finale as the dramatic weddings unfold

The finale of Netflix's hit reality truly "delivered on the drama" *CONTAINS SPOILERS*

love is blind

Netflix’s hit reality Love Is Blind came to a close on Thursday, with many fans taking to social media to comment on the explosive finale.


The conclusion saw central couples Giannina and Damien, Barnett and Amber, Kelly and Kenny, Mark and Jessica and Lauren and Cameron walk down the aisle. Once at the altar, they had to decide whether to say “I do” or “walk away forever”.

The drama-filled hour and a half had viewers “sweating”, going on to prove that, for some, love is in fact blind, but for others… not so much.

The finale kicked off with Giannina and Damien’s shocking nuptials. Many had speculated that G was the runaway bride shown in a previous trailer, but few could’ve guessed that it would be Damien who said no to the business owner – sending her on the impromptu 5k.

The outcome was not exactly a surprise, seeing as how the couple had many ups and downs from the moment they left the pods. Viewers even went as far as to deem them “toxic”. However, rumour has it that the pair could’ve got back together following their telenovela-worthy conclusion.

Barnett and Amber were up next. The engineer had started off as a bit of a player, chatting with three girls, including Jessica, before deciding Amber was the one.

When Amber arrived at the venue, she seemed upset after receiving a text from Barnett saying he was having doubts. Whether it was cold feet or clever editing, Barnett ended up putting his doubts behind him and married Amber in a surprisingly sweet ceremony.

The same couldn’t be said for Jessica, who seemed very much hung up on Barnett even after she agreed to marry fitness instructor Mark Cuevas. Mark, who is ten years her junior, was left to be consoled by his adorable mum after Jessica walked away. Unsurprisingly, fans had a lot to say about it:

While the outcome for Jessica and Mark was obvious for anyone with a pair of eyes (except for perhaps poor Mark), viewers were especially shocked with how things ended for Kelly and Kenny.

The pair had seemed like a solid couple up until that surprising finale. When Kelly confessed she still had feelings for her ex and couldn’t marry Kenny, fans took to Twitter to demand justice for Kenny:

Love Is Blind did save the best for last, however, when everyone’s favourite couple Lauren and Cameron said “I do” in an emotional ceremony.

The pair were the first to get engaged after just five days, and seemed to grow from strength to strength. One fan said that “this show was made for Lauren and Cameron to meet themselves” before asking for a spin-off.


Love Is Blind’s reunion episode will air on Netflix on Thursday 5th March.