Love Is Blind announce reunion episode after explosive finale

Netflix will air the one-off reunion special next month

love is blind

*Warning: contains spoilers for the Love Is Blind series finale*


Love Is Blind viewers can expect a special reunion show to air on Netflix next month, following a shocking ending that saw more than one contestant left at the altar…

Netflix released the series finale on Thursday, and viewers were heartbroken on the behalf of Mark, who was dumped at the altar by fellow contestant Jessica in an unbelievably awkward scene.

Giannina and Damien also had drama as she pledged her life to him, but he failed to do the same.

She was then revealed as the runaway bride, but the bombshells didn’t stop there, as endgame couple, Kelly and Kenny failed to complete their vows, too.

But for viewers who are clamouring to learn what happened after Giannina (literally) ran out the door, they don’t have long to wait, with a “can’t-miss reunion special” which promises to answer viewers’ “burning questions”, and is set to drop on the streaming platform on Thursday 5th March.

The reality show, contestants meet and get to know one another – but in separate pods, only by talking through a wall, and never setting eyes on the other person until couples become engaged (yes, actually engaged), when they meet for the first time, spend time with each other’s families, before finally getting married (or, not in some cases). previously predicted that the previously teased runaway bride would be Giannina, after she and Damien’s struggled to make things work in the outside world.


The Love Is Blind reunion special will air on Netflix on Thursday 5th March 2020