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Who left I'm A Celebrity? Full list of 2020 eliminated stars and winner revealed

Their time in the castle is coming to an end...

I'm A Celeb
Published: Friday, 4th December 2020 at 10:47 pm

The 2020 series of I'm A Celebrity has come to an end and while it's been different, the latest series has proved to be another success for the long-running show.


The I'm A Celebrity filming location went down a storm with two-thirds of fans calling for it to remain in the UK, according to readers.

Tonight saw Vernon Kay, Giovanna Fletcher and Jordan North compete in the I'm A Celebrity 2020 final, and we have now found out who was crowned the first King or Queen of the castle.

Read on to see how the full I'm A Celebrity 2020 line-up finished on the epic series.

Winner: Giovanna Fletcher

Giovanna Fletcher

The winner for this year was Giovanna Fletcher making her the first Queen of the castle. Gi could barely believe she'd won and couldn't form words on what it meant to her. Luckily, Ant and Dec had the chance to speak to her before the result was announced.

"It's been so funny," G isaid with her usual chipper approach to things, adding that the experience "was more than I ever thought it would be".

" I didn't flinch at many things," she said when asked if she felt that she proved mothers can be strong with Dec reminding her of how well - and slowly - she ate that duck egg.

She agreed that she had been maternal in the camp and said that it has always been in her nature, with Jordan adding how much it meant to them all. Her love affair with food was mentioned too and she was treated to a highlight reel of all the times she got overly excited about it.

2nd Place: Jordan North

I'm A Celebrity 2020 contestant Jordan North

So close, but so far. The runner-up for this was year was none other than Jordan North!

Jordan has had quite the journey on the show, from throwing up at the thought of abseiling to toughing it out while locked in with 50 snakes. "I faced all my fears," Jordan said as he reflected on his trials and admitted that he never thought he would have coped as well as he did. "After that I felt like my confidence had grown massively and I was ready to take on anything," he added of the Trapdoor trial – which was a turning point for him.

"I thought I might make a couple of good friends I may stay in contact with," he said of his campmates, but then said that he had 11 friends that he knows he can call on any time. Despite nearly talking himself out of appearing on the show, Jordan said that he was so happy he took part and it was his mum who talked him into doing it.

3rd Place: Vernon Kay

Vernon Kay

Finishing in third place this year was Vernon Kay who had just gone through one hell of an ordeal for his final trial. His departure left Giovanna Fletcher and Jordan North competing for the top spot- although Vernon was happy with going out when he did.

"I'm over the moon to get third place, I really am because it was an awesome camp," he said, adding that "there are some really strong characters in there". On how much he enjoyed his time on the show, Kay said that "it was everything and more. If anyone in the future gets asked to do it, don't even hesitate. The best thing about this camp is everyone was just themselves."

He had nothing but great things to say about his time in the castle and had so many highlights- even the cockroaches that he said smelt nice which we never would have expected. On who he wants to win, he chose, when pushed, Jordan.

Ninth eliminated: Shane Richie

Shane Richie I'm A Celebrity 2020 contestant

Agonisingly close to being in the final by going out in fourth place was Shane Richie – a bit of a shock as many thought he would easily make the last three.

Shane admitted to having "mixed emotions" about leaving but said he was delighted to have made it all the way to the Cyclone- even if he did not get to enjoy the food they won with the others. He also reflected on the many trials that he had to do and he revealed that he had a bit of a dodgy belly for three days after the Sickening Stalls.

The Phantom Dribbler was addressed and Shane protested his innocence, so the mystery continues. And to anybody else coming onto the show next year, Shane had some advice. "I will say to anyone that comes in to do it, you've got to embrace it. You can't fake it here." As for who he wants to win? Well, Gi will be getting his vote.

Eighth eliminated: Mo Farah

mo farah im a celeb

Just missing out on a spot in the final four (and Celebrity Cyclone, which is a shame as he would have been amazing) is Sir Mo Farah.

"I hope I've done that," Mo said of whether he thinks he proved himself to be brave, saying: "All I wanted to do is go in and challenge myself. I enjoyed myself, amongst amazing people. It's been an amazing journey, I would not change one thing."

Mo said that he adapted to being a team player quickly and he was all smiles as Ant and Dec spoke about how much of a comedy legend he has been throughout the competition. On the trials, Mo laughed but did say they were "brutal", and they certainly sounded like they were with the sound effects he made during them.

Seventh eliminated: AJ Pritchard

AJ Pritchard

It was the last dance for AJ Pritchard on I'm a Celebrity when he was the seventh contestant to be voted off in another night of a double departure.

AJ said it felt like a celebration to go out when he did and insisted he had made some friends for life in his campmates. He looked back on his time fondly and said that it exceeded his expectations – which is saying something as AJ is a self-confessed superfan of the show.

On the subject of Shane Richie who there was a bit of tension with, AJ played it down saying: "It's resolving problems rather than letting them fester." So it sounds like there is no beef there although he did stick to his "if you're gonna do a job do it properly" mantra.

Sixth eliminated: Jessica Plummer

I'm A Celebrity 2020 contestant Jessica Plummer

Leaving the same night as Russel Watson in another double departure was EastEnders star, Jessica Plummer.

"I feel like I've given it all," Jessica said in her exit interview. "My main thing is that I never wanted to quit. I may be a bit of a scaredy-cat, but I'm just really proud I didn't quit". She added that her friends thought she would never cope and reflected on the hilarious Sickening Stalls trial saying that it was a turning point for her in the competition.

Talking about the just seen trip to castle pub, Jessica added: "That was my first time to just be around my friends and not think about where our next meal was coming from or what chore needs doing."

Fifth eliminated: Russell Watson

Russell Watson
Russell Watson ITV

Singing sensation Russell Watson was campmate number five to walk out of the castle doors as he left on Tuesday night in another double vote-off.

Russell who had "mixed emotions" and couldn't wait to have a shave, spoke about what it was like to join late, saying: "It felt difficult going in late because everyone had established their relationships but they welcomed us in straight away and it felt like home."

Ant and Dec also quizzed him on singing in camp and he admitted he never needed any encouragement to burst into song. They also, of course, quizzed him on his infamous trial and asked whether he regretted only getting five stars – he did not and was just happy to get out.

Fourth eliminated: Victoria Derbyshire

Victoria Derbyshire

BBC TV and radio presenter Victoria Derbyshire left I'm a Celebrity 2020 in a double elimination with Bev Callard.

Victoria said the experience in the castle was one of the greatest in her life. "I actually feel like I squeezed the life out of every moment in there because the people were just incredible. We had a scream, we laughed, we cried, we shared all sorts of stuff."

Series 20 is remarkable for the harmony in the camp and Victoria paid credit to her campmates. "Everyone's got a story to tell, a gag to share or an anecdote to reveal or some intimate stuff to tell you," she said.

Third eliminated: Beverley Callard

Bev Callard

Former Coronation Street star Beverley Callard was the first announced in a double elimination in I'm a Celebrity 2020 on Monday night.

Bev explained the camaraderie in the camp: "I honestly don't know what got me through. I still feel like I've got no survival skills. You just sort of do it, don't you? You think well, if I just lift my head for one second everybody loses a meal and you just do it and your mind goes into a different place, really."

Bev also explained why she had become vegan, a diet revelation that became the source of much discussion and doubt. She explained that she'd changed because she'd read that plant-based diets help your joints heal quicker after an operation, which she had in March.

Second eliminated: Ruthie Henshall

Ruthie Henshall
Ruthie Henshall ITV

Ruthie Henshall was the second to leave I'm A Celebrity on Monday 29th November.

She joined the group late with Russell Watson but she wasted no time in making her mark.

Speaking to Ant and Dec after her exit, the West End star said: "That was brutal!

"You have absolutely no control in there. You don't know what's coming next and the rollercoaster of emotions is ridiculous!"

First eliminated: Hollie Arnold

Hollie Arnold

On Friday 27th November, we said goodbye to our first campmate: Hollie Arnold.

The Paralympian said she was "devastated" to have departed so soon, but she was thankful for the "crazy opportunity" she had while in the castle.

"I was so nervous, I had a feeling it might be me," Hollie told Ant and Dec on the evening of her elimination. "I'm slightly superstitious when you guys were saying the names. I was thinking, 'It's going to be me!'"

She added: "But honestly, I love everybody in there and I love what their values are and what they mean to me. And I will never forget this experience ever."

Hollie took part in a couple of Bushtucker Trials during her time in the castle, including the Wicked Waterways and a selection of group challenges.


I'm A Celebrity continues tonight at 9pm on ITV. To see what’s on right now, remember to check out our TV Guide.


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