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Meet Ruthie Henshall – I'm A Celebrity 2020 contestant and actress

Everything you need to know about Ruthie Henshall – I'm A Celebrity's late arrival and star of stage.

Ruthie Henshall
Published: Sunday, 29th November 2020 at 10:30 pm

Musical theatre star Ruthie Henshall was the second celebrity to be voted out of I'm A Celebrity 2020 after being a later arrival in the castle with Russell Watson.


The West End icon's first comment when she exited was" That was brutal!"

On her first night at camp on Wednesday, she was tasked with working to sabotage the I'm A Celebrity 2020 line-up with pesky Jester, "Dave", which she did with Russell Watson, and on Friday night she was centre of attention once again.

In the Lords vs Ladies live trial, Ruthie attempted to bend the rules a little – even being accused of cheating by some viewers on social media – when she tried to convince Ant and Dec that the ladies had won by lying about the number of coins that had been collected.

Unfortunately for Ruthie, she was caught red-handed by Dec, and her cheeky attempt to mislead the presenters was of no avail.

While she makes the new I'm A Celebrity filming location her home, we have everything you need to know about the musical theatre star, including how she once dated Prince Edward.

Who is Ruthie Henshall?

Ruthie Henshall

Age: 53

Instagram: @ruthiehenshallofficial

Job: West End Star

With theatres closed across the country, musical theatre performer Ruthie Henshall is heading into the I'm A Celebrity castle as a late entry this year.

The Olivier Award-winner is best known for starring in West End and Broadway musicals such as Chicago, Cats, Les Miserables and Billy Elliot the Musical, as well as appearing in original productions of Peggy Sue Got Married and Marguerite.

Offstage, Henshall has appeared on TV shows such as Law & Order, Curb Your Enthusiasm and Get Back, while she made headlines in the 1990s when dating Prince Edward on-and-off for five years.

Speaking to ITV ahead of her arrival in I'm A Celebrity, the stage star said that she'd visited some of the royal palaces in the past, saying: "I visited a couple of their castles but this will be a very different kind of castle!"

Ruthie Henshall

Phobias? Enclosed spaces

Biggest misconception you want to dispel in the castle? "This will be the first time I am going on a show as me rather than a character."

Role in the camp? "Clown and shoulder to cry on."

What will she miss the most? "Caffeine"

Dream campmate? "George Clooney, Gerard Butler – the list goes on!"

Relationship status? Single

What has Ruthie said about joining I'm A Celebrity?

Ruthie Henshall

Speaking to ahead of her I'm A Celebrity debut, Henshall said that she thinks her time on the show will be "a life experience".

"How often are you going to get someone challenging you and saying we’re going to put you through the paces and and scare you silly and test everything about you?"

"I think it's just, I thought it would be real hoot, and so lovely to meet a bunch of people, because it's not really my arena, you know, my arena is the theatre," she added. "I've watched it many times and if it's the one that you think is the…. I think being able to sit down with a bunch of people in a different side of life to you is just brilliant."

When asked by ITV whether the Queen and her ex Prince Edward will be watching, she said: "I have no idea whether they watch or not. But I am sure they enjoy reality TV as much as the rest of us!"

She added that she's really looking forward to going in, adding: "I have been doing the same thing, which I adore, for 35 years and now I want to shake my life up a bit! I have also got two teenagers and I can't wait to get away from them! What's worse – living with two teenagers or going in a castle – thank you very much, I will take the castle!"


I'm A Celebrity airs weeknights on ITV. To see what’s on right now, remember to check out our TV Guide.


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