I’m a Celebrity 2016 Day 10: Adam, Martin and co become royalty, Scarlett and Danny are servants – and Ant and Dec split up!

Four celebrities ascend to the throne, Scarlett and Danny are destined to a life (well, an evening) of servitude... and psychological warfare begins


Some of us may have been feeling a little fragile of late, what with recent political “incidents”, but not to worry, certain celebrities in the jungle are pretty uneasy too…


In nervous anticipation of Adam winning Bushtucker Trial Claim of Thrones, which saw all 12 celebs lying in bug-filled boxes for five minutes to vie for royal status, Joel spoke on behalf of all of us when he cried: “I don’t want to be in a place where we have Adam as royalty and Donald Trump as president! It’s too much guys. TOO MUCH.”

This gruelling trial and its consequences made for a day of hierarchical mind games in the camp. Here’s the lowdown on what happened… 

Claim of Thrones

Yesterday’s Bushtucker Trial was Claim of Thrones, a challenge were all 12 celebrities were put in black boxes in the shape of a “Vicious Circle” which were then filled with giant crabs, snakes and bugs. Or as people in the 1950s/Ant and Dec like to say: critters.

The contestants then had to lie there and just let the creatures crawl all over them for five minutes. Once the time was up, they raced to unscrew a set of nuts with their free hand, take out a ball with their face on it and send it down a pipe into a vault. As you do.

The first four to get their balls in the vault (less painful than it sounds) claimed the thrones, became immune to the public vote and won a night of luxury. 

So, who were the winners? Martin, Sam, Wayne and Adam (much to Joel’s dismay). 

What does jungle luxury look like?

Bread and cheese. Bread and cheese got the royals quite hysterical.

“It’s just the flavour. The bread and the cheese. It’s just so nice,” swooned Wayne.

They also had servants in the form of Scarlett and Danny, who decided to mix things up a bit by killing them with kindness – or as Danny put it, using “psychological warfare” – and make them feel too guilty to enjoy their status.

How did Danny do this? He refused to accept the royals’ dinner invitation, explaining rather earnestly that there’s an upstairs and a downstairs and the two should remain separate. Yeah, we’ve all seen Downton Abbey, Danny.

There was also a sort of talent show performed by the “subjects” to their royal highnesses. Joel did a stand-up routine which Sam didn’t bother pretending to find funny and which sent Adam into oblivion with laughter.

Ant and Dec split up

Don’t panic, only temporarily, but there was certainly a very disconcerting moment when Ant and Dec had to go their separate ways to make announcements to the subjects and the royals at the end of the show. It felt weird and viewers didn’t like it one bit.

What’s in store tonight?   

The public voted for Adam and Martin to do tonight’s Bushtucker Trial: Bush Brewery, but the servants who will be competing against them for a chance of immunity are yet to be revealed…

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here continues Thursday at 9pm on ITV


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