Dumped islanders Arabella and Yewande will be on Love Island: Aftersun together

Could there be fireworks?

Love Island Ywwande Arabella

Usually the #drama of Love Island is confined to the 9pm slot on ITV2 every night – but the most recent dumping will see tensions spill out onto Love Island: Aftersun.


The Love Island sister-show will feature Yewande, who was dumped earlier this week after previous partner Danny decided to couple up with bombshell Arabella.

Despite having told Yewande that his head couldn’t be turned, Danny also told Arabella that the pair had an “undeniable connection”, which left Yewande seething.

Upon hearing the news that she had been eliminated, Yewande told Danny, “I don’t know what you want me to say, but I hope you enjoy your time in the villa.

“What comes around goes around. Have a nice life.”

It seems that Danny’s so-called karma came around far sooner than he would have anticipated, as the second shock dumping of the week saw both Tom and Arabella exit the show – leaving Danny single once more and seeing Arabella land a spot next to Yewande on Aftersun.

Things are guaranteed to be frosty between the pair, with Yewande sharing and retweeting fans’ comments about her – including the more damning comments of Danny and Arabella.

Yewande also joined former Islander Elma to livestream the Love Island dumping, only nodding in agreement when Elma said, “I think that’s karma though don’t you? What goes around comes around.”

“I didn’t get to know her as a person – obviously she was trying to steal the guy I was coupled up with,” Yewande said to Grazia magazine.

“I don’t know her well enough but at the end of the day she is a bombshell. She came in to get what she wanted and that’s what she did. I don’t know if she likes Danny or maybe he was the easiest to go for.

“I do [think Danny played me]. When Arabella did come to him he did say to me that he wasn’t interested at all and he wasn’t going to look at her in the slightest. To go from that extreme, from 100 to 0 real quick made me question how genuine he was as a person.”

However, Arabella has said she has “no regrets” with who she coupled up with.

“I found somebody that I had a romantic connection with. I was attracted to him before I even went in the villa,” she said. “I knew there would be friction but at one point it felt like the villa was very divided, after Yewande left. It felt like I was being looked at as a big bad wolf, even though I had just gone in there and followed my feelings.”

Love Island: Aftersun will also feature Roman Kemp, Matt Edmondson and Olivia Attwood, with the panel likely to discuss the upcoming antics in Casa Amor.


Love Island: Aftersun airs on Sunday night at 10pm on ITV2, straight after Love Island