Casa Amor is open for business! And the 12 new guests are ready to get grafting on this year’s couples.

Five pairings are about to potentially be ripped apart – Anton and Lucie don’t really count – as the girls and boys are divided between the two villas.

With a dozen absolute sorts, who don’t seem to care about girl and bro code, some of this year’s strongest couples could face dealing with 360 head turns.

Last year’s savage twist saw Georgia prove her loyalty by holding out for Josh – only to watch him return to the villa with new girl Kaz. Megan also split up Laura and Wes, only to move into Casa Amor and hit on Alex.

With Curtis’ less than enthusiastic response to Amy’s advances earlier this week, and with Michael and Jordan frequently bemoaning Amber and Anna’s childish ways, could it be all change in the villa?

We want to hear what YOU think about Casa Amor... and how real this year's couples really are.

Love Island is on ITV2 tonight at 9pm