While TV schedules are packed full of new and inventive gameshows currently, there's no beating a reboot of a classic. All you have to do is look at the likes of Blankety Blank, Jeopardy! and Deal or No Deal to see that it's the dawn of the gameshow resurgence.


Well, it's looking as though another iconic BBC show could very well be returning to our screens with Hole in the Wall set to enter the mix.

That's right, the weird yet wonderful show could be coming back to our screens according to The Sun. The show itself saw a host of celebrities clad in helmets and silver bodysuits try to match the shape of the hole in the wall that was coming towards them.

If they passed, they scored points for their team but if they failed, the fate of being pushed into a pool of water awaited them.

The show initially premiered back in 2008 with Dale Winton at the helm, before Strictly Come Dancing star Anton Du Beke took over as presenter the following year.

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RadioTimes.com has contacted the BBC and Hole in the Wall production company Talkback Thames for comment.

According to the report, the idea of the reboot has been floating around Hole in the Wall's production company but as for what channel it will air on, it remains a mystery.

The show originally aired on BBC One but a TV insider claimed that "just because it started out on the Beeb doesn't mean it will end up there second time round, it could end up on ITV or even a streamer".

If the show was set to make a comeback, it remains to be seen whether or not the same format will be followed or whether things will be shaken up. The original show consisted of four rounds and the iconic Great Wall in the final round, in which the leading team could choose whether to try their hand at it or pass it over to the opposition.

There were plenty of familiar faces involved in the original two seasons including Vanessa Feltz, Phil Tuffnell, Jennie Bond and Scott Mills.

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As for who could take over hosting duties, Anton Du Beke has clearly remained a big household name so we'll just have to wait and see.

Du Beke is now one of the permanent judges on Strictly but has also more recently been seen on our screens in Anton & Giovanni's Adventures in Spain with fellow professional dancer Giovanni Pernice.

Discussing the travel series, which aired last month, Du Beke spoke of his friendship with Pernice and revealed: "I don't think it would work if you just thrust the two of us together without us having known each other 10 years in advance.

"It's sort of less authentic. I think the joy of this is that we've known each other for 10 years."


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