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Peaky Blinders creator gives update on possible spin-offs: "We want to keep the world going"

Steven Knight says the worlds of Peaky Blinders could expand beyond Tommy Shelby.

Peaky Blinders V Ep 6
Published: Saturday, 3rd April 2021 at 11:39 am

Peaky Blinders might be drawing to a close with its upcoming sixth series, but series creator Steven Knight has apparently confirmed plans for spin-offs from the hit BBC drama.

Though the next series will be the show's last, Knight told the Birmingham Mail that a movie version would follow and wouldn't rule out the possibility of further projects set in the Peaky universe.


"It will go on in another form, which will be the film, and beyond that we want to keep the world going," he said.

"In other words, the story of Small Heath and the Shelby family will continue on. I want to keep it going until... whenever."

Back in 2019, Knight revealed that, as well as a Peaky Blinders movie, he was "looking at spin-offs" and last year he told, "I think that the momentum is such that maybe we will continue with other bits of the story."

It might be hard to imagine any Peaky Binders project without Cillian Murphy's dangerous and charismatic Tommy Shelby at its centre, and while Knight agrees that "it is absolutely impossible for [the series] to work without Cillian... in the form it is in", he told the Birmingham Mail that spin-offs could move beyond the Shelby family as the franchise "grows and progresses".

"There may be worlds that are part of the Peaky world that are about someone else, but he [Tommy] is the centre around everything orbits," he said.

Steven Knight and Cillian Murphy talk about Peaky Blinders on BBC One
Steven Knight and Cillian Murphy on the set of Peaky Blinders

The final series of Peaky Blinders is filming now, with Sam Claflin returning as Oswald Mosley. BAFTA Rising Star nominee Conrad Khan will also appear in the show's final episodes, though Charlie Murphy has revealed she won't be back as Jessie Eden.

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