Steven Knight, the creator of Peaky Blinders, has revealed that we could see some spin-off series after the current iteration of the show runs its course.

Speaking after the show picked up the drama award at last night’s National Television Awards, Knight told that the ending of the current show is in sight, with the action set to end at the beginning of the Second World War. No need to despair, however, as that might not be the last time we see the Shelbys.

“I know how it’s going to end, this particular incarnation of the family story, I know that it’s going to end at the beginning of the Second World War,” he said. “But after that I think that the momentum is such that maybe we will continue with other bits of the story.”

Knight also warned that “trouble, trouble and trouble” is on the way for the Shelby family in the upcoming sixth series of the gangster epic, but added that there will be some happiness amongst the turmoil.

“Trouble, trouble and trouble is what’s coming – with a bit of happiness as well,” he said. “I’ve always intended at the very, very end there will be redemption, there will be resolution and there will be a kind of happiness, but along the way there will be trouble.”

Addressing the cliffhanger at the end of the last series – in which Tommy was seen to be suicidal – Knight said that he believes it’s always good to end something with a question mark.

“That encourages people to then go to the next thing,” he said. “And I will continue to do that, it’s become a bit of the style of Peaky to end with a question so that’s what I want to do.”

But he laughed off suggestions that Tommy might be killed off. “Dead?” he said, “never – he’s immortal!”