With twists and turns galore, ITV drama Our House has kept viewers on the edge of their seats right up until the heart-breaking end.

Based on Louise Candlish’s best-selling novel of the same name, the psychological thriller revolves around the breakdown of Fi (played by Tuppence Middleton) and Bram's (Martin Compston) marriage, which Our House star Middleton has called a "tragic love story".

When Bram sleeps with a family friend, she sets off a series of unfortunate events culminating in the loss of their family, house, and pretty much everything in between.

Compston previously teased that the ITV thriller "just goes wild... it goes to places you really don't expect".

Sure enough, Our House's ending wrapped up with a pretty dark twist, but what happened to Fi and Bram? Read on for everything you need to know about the ending of the ITV drama.

Our House ending explained: What happened to Fi and Bram?

Throughout all four episodes of Our House, Bram has been on the back-foot. He was being blackmailed for a tragic accident that took the life of a little girl, meaning he was at the mercy of Toby (Rupert Penry-Jones) and accomplice Wendy (Buket Komur).

However, that all changed in episode 4, as Bram went missing, causing Toby to go into a spiral at the thought of losing his money. Armed with a fake passport and the details to an account holding £1.7million, Bram made a last-ditch attempt to save his family.

Fi, meanwhile, finally found out what a rotten apple Toby was, after he threatened to hurt her children if she didn't uncover Bram and the money. Back at the flat, and armed with Bram's burner phone packed with evidence, Fi invited Toby over, luring him with the false pretences that Bram was on his way.

She took the opportunity to find out exactly what happened, how Toby came into her life, and how he blackmailed Bram into destroying his life. She didn't quite appear to work out the finer details, though, and when Toby called Bram's phone and found it under Fi's bag, there was a knife ready to use.

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Tuppence Middleton in Our House (ITV)

Or did she... Toby began doubling over in agony and it became apparent Fi had poisoned him with Merle's sleeping tablets and Bram's anti-depressants. As he fell to the floor, Fi took the opportunity to remind him how powerful she really was before a struggle played out and she ran to lock herself in the bathroom, not before ploughing her stiletto into his face.

When all was silent, Fi crept out of the bathroom to find Toby lying in a pool of vomit, dead. Merle came around to help Fi with the clean-up, and helpfully offered her an alibi.

Wendy came looking for Toby and when she got no answer at the flat or on his phone, returned to her car, when she spotted his parked outside - and even more worryingly, spotted the body being escorted out and Fi being taken by the police to the station.

Fi explained her side of the story to the investigators, doing her best to hide that she knew anything at all, but it was clear by the line of questioning that the police were unsure of her story. She was insistent that she'd never met "Mike" in her life - which was sort of true, she thought she knew Toby for the majority of her relationship with him.

Meanwhile, Bram, who'd been hiding out at a hotel in a mysterious location, went for a walk, completely unaware the police were looking for him.

Fi went back to Merle's to see her sons, and seemed to settle on moving on with her life, hopeful the police could recover some of the money fraudulently taken from her, and she could use that to buy a new house. A ring of the doorbell stunned her - the detective came to say she'd found a recording of Bram's which was both "a confession and a suicide note".

His devastated wife listened in horror as Bram recounted everything, from the car crash death, to Toby/Mike's involvement in their story, and how Fi was innocent of fraud. What that meant was Fi was now found to have been lying to the police about how she knew Mike/Toby, meaning she was the prime suspect in his death.

Was Fi arrested for Mike/Toby's death?

Our House's Bram, played by Martin Compston
Martin Compston in Our House (ITV)

It's likely Fi would be arrested and probably found guilty of Mike's death.

Her husband, Bram, accidentally gave the game away and revealed her to be in a relationship with who she thought was "Toby", before explaining this was actually the same person as "Mike".

At the end of Our House, Fi can be seen in the back of a police car, looking longingly at the house she so dearly loved, with any thought of a new start disappearing by the second.

While the series ended ambiguously with Fi's exact fate, it can be assumed she would be charged with Mike's death as it's pretty hard to find her not guilty now.

Is this the same as the Our House book ending?

Dinita Gohil as Lucy in Our House

Simon Ashdown's script remains largely faithful to Louise Candlish's book of the same name.

A few small differences can be noted throughout - in the book, the girl who dies in the car crash is 10, but in the series, she's 8.

One major difference is the way Bram confesses. In the novel, Bram writes a letter explaining everything and how he played a part in the fraudulent sale of his marital home. In the series, however, this is revealed to have been done via a voice recording - which obviously plays better on TV.

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