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Our House star Martin Compston says ITV thriller “goes wild”

Trust us, it does.

Our House: Martin Compston (ITV)
Published: Friday, 4th March 2022 at 7:00 am

Martin Compston stars in new ITV thriller, Our House, which he's promised will keep us guessing until the very end.


The action is centred around Tuppence Middleton's Fi, an upper-middle class worker who seemingly has it all – the job, the house, the husband – but it all comes crashing down around her in full force as a series of events cause her to lose everything.

Each episode delves into what happened that could cause such devastation, while ultimately looking at how something so terrible can happen to anyone.

And according to Bram star, Martin Compston, it's a chaotic ride. spoke exclusively with the actor who explained how "wild" the series becomes.

"At the heart of it is a relationship drama," Compston explained. "It's about the breakdown of a marriage which then sort of morphs into this thriller, which I find really exciting because when I started reading it I got really wrapped up in the marriage of Bram and Fi and his breakdown, but then - it's hard to say without giving away spoilers - it just goes wild... it goes to places you really don't expect."

The 37-year-old continued: "A lot of that is down to Bram's bad decisions and getting himself in more and more trouble..."

Explaining more behind why he wanted to get involved in particular in Our House, Compston added: "It has some really tough emotional scenes that myself and Tuppence particularly have to go through.

"I hadn't quite seen it like it before. And it's also have a successful book. So you know, you've got a sort of inbuilt audience to an extent. For me, it was a page turner."

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