Heartstopper season 2 landed on Netflix in August 2023, with many fans already inhaling the fresh batch of episodes and turning their eyes to season 3.


Understandably so, since season 2's ending left things on a dramatic note for Charlie Spring (Joe Locke), Nick Nelson (Kit Connor) and rest of the Heartstopper cast.

The latest episodes all build towards a whimsical prom night for the students of Truham and Higgs, with Tara (Corinna Brown), Darcy (Kizzy Edgell), Elle (Yasmin Finney) and their new friend, Sahar (Leila Khan), getting involved in planning the event.

Of course, things don't go exactly to plan, with Darcy briefly going missing after a confrontation with her cruel mother, while Nick and Charlie brace for their first public engagement as an officially out couple.

So how does it all go? And where exactly does it leave our beloved characters as we prepare for season 3? Read on for all the details you need on the Heartstopper season 2 ending.

Heartstopper season 2 ending explained

What's next for Nick and Charlie?

Kit Connor stars in Heartstopper season 2
Kit Connor

It’s been a big season for Nick, who made the brave decision to come out to everyone in his life – including his distant father and estranged rugby friends.

While bully Harry remains cut off, he does manage to patch things up with some of the other boys from the rugby team – Otis, Sai and Christian – who sincerely apologise for their role in making him too afraid to be his true self.

Nevertheless, Charlie and Nick decide to leave the prom early, no longer feeling that they need to parade their love around for others to approve of.

Following an afterparty at Nick’s house, the couple have a private, unflinchingly honest chat, where Charlie reveals that the bullying he has suffered had driven him to self-harm in the past.

Nick is heartbroken by the revelation and makes Charlie promise to tell him if things ever get that bad again.

Joe Locke and Kit Connor star in Heartstopper season 2, embracing each other
Joe Locke and Kit Connor star in Heartstopper season 2. Netflix

After a season where Charlie has been reluctant to admit to any of his mental health struggles, Nick makes it clear that he wants to offer emotional support whenever it is needed.

In a touching moment after that tough conversation, Nick very nearly blurts out that he loves Charlie, but is interrupted by his mother, Sarah (Olivia Colman), returning home.

When Charlie leaves, Nick's facial expression drops, conveying how deeply troubled he is by the mental health issues that his boyfriend has been suffering through in silence.

On the other hand, Charlie finds himself in a more positive state of mind, smiling and drafting a message to Nick that simply reads, "I love you", although he hesitates on whether to hit send.

Given how smitten they appear to be with each other, it's sometimes easy to forget that Nick and Charlie haven't said the 'L' word just yet – doing so would certainly be another big step in their relationship.

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What's next for Elle and Tao?

Yasmin Finney and William Gao in Heartstopper
Yasmin Finney and William Gao in Heartstopper. Netflix

After a major bump in the road to turning their friendship into romance, Elle and Tao do eventually get together and are shown having a wonderful time at the prom.

However, Elle does admit that she will be enrolling at the stylish out-of-area Lambert School of Art next year, meaning their relationship may have to take a more long-distance approach than it currently does.

Tao is understanding of her decision, realising that Lambert is the right place for Elle to meet people with similar interests and experiences – such as new friends Felix (Ash Self) and Naomi (Bel Priestley).

During the afterparty at Nick's house, they signify that they're both happy with how their lives are rapidly changing.

What's next for Tara and Darcy?

Corrina Brown and Kizzy Edgell star in Heartstopperr
Corrina Brown and Kizzy Edgell star in Heartstopper. Netflix

In season 2, Tara had found herself frustrated by Darcy's tendency to avoid difficult conversations by making jokes, but learned the root cause of this behaviour after getting a glimpse into her home life.

It is revealed that Darcy's mother is homophobic and emotionally abusive, caring little about the idea of her daughter spending a night in a local park following their explosive argument.

Darcy has kept this side of her life secret from Tara, which results in a gnawing feeling that her girlfriend doesn't entirely know her – which is why she declined to say "I love you" back earlier in the season.

But after learning the truth, Tara explains it doesn't change how she feels about her. Darcy proceeds to say "I love you" a number of times in a row to make up for her lateness.

What's next for Isaac?

Isaac stood in a Shakespeare & Company bookshop, smiling and holding a pile of books.
Isaac (Tobie Donovan) in Heartstopper. Netflix

Isaac has had a difficult time understanding himself this season, as he does not feel attraction and romance in the same way as his coupled-up friends.

During an exhibition at Lambert School, Isaac is moved by a piece inspired by the artist's experience of being aromantic and asexual, and seeks to learn more in the season 2 finale.

As the students enjoy prom, he heads to the school library and picks up a copy of Angela Chen's book Ace: What Asexuality Reveals About Desire, Society and the Meaning of Sex.

He is seen reading it during Nick's afterparty and seems to be finding some comfort in its pages.

What's next for Mr Ajayi and Mr Farouk?

Fisayo Akinade and Nima Taleghani play Mr Ajayi and Mr Farouk in Heartstopper
Fisayo Akinade and Nima Taleghani play Mr Ajayi and Mr Farouk in Heartstopper. Netflix

These fan favourite characters felt the first sparks of romance during the Paris trip.

They spent a night together in the French capital, but their relationship seemed to cool down when they returned to the UK, as both were reluctant to make the next move.

That is, until prom night, when Mr Ajayi suggests to Mr Farouk that they should go for dinner and drinks next time – an idea that seems to be warmly received.

What's next for Imogen and Sahar?

Rhea Norwood stars in Heartstopper
Rhea Norwood stars in Heartstopper Netflix

Earlier in the season, Imogen (Rhea Norwood) was surprised to learn that Sahar is also LGBTQ+, after incorrectly declaring them both to be the friendship group's only straight members.

Viewers will be left speculating over whether Imogen herself is unknowingly LGBTQ+, following a moment at the prom where she can be seen gazing in admiration at Sahar as she plays guitar in the school band.

Of course, this could be a purely platonic moment, but the use of animation seems telling – previously this has indicated moments of strong emotion.

Some fans have already started campaigning for the characters to get together, but we'll have to wait for season 3 to reveal the true nature of their relationship.

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