Tonight's episode of Death in Paradise (10th February) wrapped up on a colossal cliffhanger that potentially signals the end for Neville.


Despite Sophie's return to Saint Marie, the detective was distracted by an especially challenging case, which kicked off with a letter warning that a murder was going to be committed on the island.

Neville's digging led him to David Cartwright, who employed the victim's wife Rose as a cleaner. He was a respected criminologist back in the UK and had even assisted the Metropolitan Police with a number of high-profile inquiries.

Despite David's alibi, Neville's suspicious had been piqued and he began looking into him in more detail, eventually deducing that he was the killer.

"One question," said David after Neville laid out his evidence. "How are you going to prove it?"

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Neville was confident that he had everything required to convict him, but David quickly wiped the smile from his face. They would find his DNA at the scene of the crime but it could be explained away by a previous visit he'd made to Rose's house to drop off some keys.

"It was a very good try but no cigar, as they say," said David, before leaving to attend a function for his book, 'Murder in Mind', which was being reissued.

Later that day, a furious Neville decided to confront David once again and headed to his hotel room. The detective launched into a furious tirade but viewers were kept in the dark about what unfolded between them.

A short time later, David was found dead in a pool of blood, with Neville arrested by the commissioner on suspicion of his murder.

"It can't be right," said Sophie. "I don't understand. He can't have."

A speechless Neville was taken to the cells by Marlon, his fate hanging in the balance.

David standing opposite Neville with a smug expression on his face
David Cartwright in Death in Paradise. Red Planet Pictures/Denis Guyenon

Did Neville murder David in an extraordinary fit of rage?

"This ends now," he said previously after David sent him a copy of his book with a personalised message inside. "He's not going to do this to me. I can't let him do this to me. I am going to put a stop to this right now."

It would be entirely out of character for Neville to respond in such a drastic manner but as we saw, David had got under his skin, and was potentially planning further murders: "It's starting to feel like it might be my time again."

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Did David set Neville up as a final act of vengeance? And is David really dead, or will he miraculously reappear?

Was someone else responsible? Did Neville finish his speech and then leave the hotel, with another person swooping in to murder him?

Death in Paradise continues on Friday 17th February on BBC One at 9pm. Check out more of our Drama coverage or visit our TV Guide and Streaming Guide to see what's on tonight.


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