After last week's 100th episode of Death in Paradise saw the team racing to find the culprit after the Commissioner was shot, this week is taking things back to basics, with a murder at a care home rocking the local community.

Advertisement has got an exclusive first-look clip from the episode, featuring its guest cast including Juliet Cowan, Kevin Harvey, Ellie Haddington and the one and only Hayley Mills.

In the clip, Mills's character Nancy, a resident of the care home, is showing her cousin Eloise (Cowan) around, along with Phillipe, the care home's manager.

They are interrupted by Haddington's Barbara, and it's immediately clear that there's plenty of bad blood between Barbara and Nancy. The pair spar about the upcoming game of bingo, with Barbara saying Nancy will only thrash her "over my dead body", to which Nancy replies that "chance would be a fine thing"...

You can watch the full clip right here now.

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Alongside the care home murder plotline, this second episode of the season will also see the Commissioner struggling in the wake of his shooting, and the team rallying round him at his time of need.

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Darlene star Ginny Holder previously told and other press that "Selwyn has to check himself and what life means [following the shooting], and his relationships and his relationship with his daughter".

Holder continued: "It pushes quite a few buttons for him, as things like that do. You have to check yourself. What does life mean really? The things that we take on, do we need to? You put things into perspective, and that's what Selwyn has to do."

The 100th episode saw plenty of call-backs to the show's past, including a reference to the Commissioner's niece Ruby and a small appearance from former cast member Sara Martins, reprising her role as Camille.

However, perhaps the moment to get fans talking the most was when Neville was seen looking at a photograph of Joséphine Jobert's character Florence, with many theorising that she could make a return appearance later in the season.

Death in Paradise continues on BBC One and iPlayer at 9pm on Sunday 11th February 2024. Check out more of our Drama coverage or visit our TV Guide and Streaming Guide to find out what's on.


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