David Tennant has described his upcoming BBC series Around the World in 80 Days as a "romp" for all the family this Christmas.

Adapted from Jules Verne’s well-known book of the same name, the series stars Good Omens' Tennant in the lead role of novice explorer Phileas Fogg.

Asked what he hopes viewers' reactions will be, he said: "I hope a bit of joy. I think it's very apt that it's set for a Christmas transmission. It's that kind of a show, it's got that kind of scale and that kind of ambition and that kind of warmth."

Speaking to RadioTimes.com and other press, he continued: "It's a romp, but it's got real heart to it, as well. It feels like a genuine - this phrase is overused - but it feels like a genuine piece of family entertainment, something that you can all, you know, grab a mince pie and enjoy together. It has that sense of something that everyone can come together, and it works. It'll work for your five-year-old, it'll work for your 85-year-old. I think it's got a genuine kind of cross-generational appeal to it and that's something very special I've been involved in, in that kind of a story."

Earlier this month, RadioTimes.com exclusively revealed the Around the World in 80 Days title sequence.

In September 2021, we also shared some exclusive first-look images showing Tennant and his co-stars in costume, and the Cape Town locations where part of the series was filmed.

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Around the World in 80 Days will be released in the US on Sunday 2nd January via PBS, though no UK air date has been set yet. Want to watch something sooner? Check out our full TV Guide or our Drama hub for more news and features.